Greedy Bulgers looking to cash in … again

The only surprise is that it took the greedy Bulger clan six whole weeks to announce that they are suing the feds – in other words, us – for the “wrongful death” of their beloved serial-killing, coke-dealing, extorting Uncle Jimmy.

How much more of our money do these shiftless, rotten hacks need? If they’re so hard up for cash, why don’t they go out and get real jobs, like the rest of us. I hear the Post Office is hiring.

The suit against the Bureau of Prisons will be filed on behalf of the family. Whitey’s closest survivor, I suppose, is his younger brother Billy, the Corrupt Midget.

Well, the CM can certainly use the money – his current state pension is a mere $201,266 a year.

He’s been grabbing that kiss in the mail since 2003. I don’t have room to list all the other Bulger family members and in-laws still feeding at the public trough. At least three of them went out on full MBTA pensions while in their mid-40s. Forgotten, but not gone, as they say at the State House.

Once you go hack, you never go back.

The Bulgers are now very, very concerned about “wrongful deaths,” after Whitey’s conviction of 11 of them, no doubt a tiny fraction of the actual number of wrongful deaths he caused, considering that his partner Stevie Flemmi admitted in federal court last summer that he had committed “50 to 60” murders – I mean, wrongful deaths.

Whitey was beaten to death in that West Virginia prison Oct. 30. The Wall Street Journal broke the story about the new lawsuit Sunday afternoon – Dec. 9. So the Bulgers don’t move as quickly as they used to – once upon a time, it would have taken them six hours, not six weeks, to file a lawsuit.

Remember, they went to court to try to keep Whitey’s Lottery “winnings.” When he got fired from his no-show hack job as a courthouse janitor, the pol who axed Whitey had his pay frozen for five years. Ditto, his aides. And that pol was from Southie.

The Bulgers were appalled that one Southie hack would try to take away another payroll patriot’s no-show job? Whatever happened to professional courtesy? And it wasn’t just the paycheck, as one of Whitey’s associates pointed out on a State Police wiretap – “behind the job comes the pension.”

So this lawsuit is not about “justice.” It’s about “just us” – yet another score for the greediest family in Massachusetts.

But it had to end this way, didn’t it? Maybe in the end, after the settlement, they’ll hand Billy one of those giant cardboard checks like he’s hit the lottery (again). He can hold it up for the cameras at a news conference. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

When Whitey was on the lam, I used to have a webpage that I set up to try to entrap the monster. The FBI was in on it. They gave me enough fresh material to update the site every week, and I spent a fair amount of time with what was called the Violent Fugitive Task Force.

Their theory back then was that Whitey had fled to Europe in 1996, and that after the new, more stringent security upgrades after 9/11, he couldn’t get back to the States. He was trapped in the EU. That was the feds’ best guess.

Even then Whitey had a bum ticker – not to mention full-blown halitosis. I always worried that someday I would wake up to hear the bulletin that Billy had appeared at a hospital or hospice somewhere in the EU, handing his brother to Interpol just hours before the archfiend was about to expire from congestive heart failure or bum kidneys or something.

The nightmare would have been Billy saying to the cops, well, here’s Jimmy, now you owe me the $2 million reward.

That didn’t happen, of course. The reward went to that Miss Iceland in the old Noxzema shaving cream ads. But the Bulgers’ greed knows no bounds, and now they’re queuing up for one final handout compliments of Whitey.

How much can they score? Who knows, but consider that the Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter just grabbed $95,000 from the city of New York for an accident she described thusly: “I sprained my ankle real bad lol.”

LOL – laughing out loud.

Now that he’s dead and buried, the serial killing Whitey is being described as “frail.” Whitey Bulger “frail?”

LOL. Only problem is, like with Al Sharpton’s daughter, the joke’s gonna be on us. And the Bulgers will be crying all the way to the bank, just like always.

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