Grace’s Take: Snow Day Tips

Hey guys! If you are bundled up during this snow day then you might find yourself asking WWGD? (What Would Grace Do?)
That’s so coincidental you should ask because I’m actually going to tell you.

Here are my #Tips to surviving and thriving in this storm.

1. Binge-watch TV (I’m talking a TON of TV)


I’ve been trying to improve the quality of television I watch as of recently. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be following this season of The Bachelor. After all, I can’t forget my roots. But in general I’ve added a few “critically acclaimed” shows to my list.
For instance:
The Crown. The acting is awesome and if you are a sucker for British accents then this is the show for you.

The Killing. This is probably the most addictive series I’ve watched in the past year. Every season you think it is going to fall of but it doesn’t. It stays compelling throughout the entirety of the show.

In the mood for something lighter? The Office. This show is my go to because Michael Scott is one of the most wonderful things TV has ever given us. Ever. End of story.


If you don’t think The Office is funny then you probably (definitely) are not a funny person. No offense…I’m just letting you know.

2. Eat food (Again, I’m talking mass quantities)


I know Trump is getting a lot of heat for eating cheeseburgers in bed but I am so on board for this. Don’t limit it to cheeseburgers either…cookies, hot cocoa, poutine, fondu. The world is your oyster. (I guess oysters too, because why not?)

Snow days are also the perfect excuse to eat a disgusting amount of cereal because you didn’t buy gallons of milk for no reason.

My top 3?
Honey bunches of Oats.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Lucky Charms.
Honorable mention: Special K Chocolatey Delight. (Only reason it didn’t make top 3 is because I get so much hate for this choice and I’m a coward.)

3. Wrap yourself in a blanket burrito


There is nothing better than wrapping yourself in an excessive amount of blankets during a snow storm. To really amp this one up, look outside your window and think all the shoveling you don’t plan on doing for the rest of the day.

4. Remember that it is five o’clock (all day long)


Being snowed in is basically the same as being trapped in a Vegas casino. Don’t bother looking for a clock because time does not exist. The polite rules we follow as a society cease to matter. So crack open your favorite cab or make a damn dirty martini because you aren’t going anywhere anyway.


5. Listen to the Howie Carr Show at 3pm.

Let’s face it, the news reporters are unbearable right now. I haven’t seen grown adults this amped up since the latest Star Wars movie hit theaters (cough*Steve Robinson*cough).


Worst part is they aren’t telling us anything we don’t already know. Sure I love when they send a minion reporter out to get pelted in the face by snow just so she can report back, “It is still very cold. Back to you Brad.” But you know what is way better than that garbage?

Us. We are better. And we have braved the blizzard to prove it. So don’t be a weenie watching a blurry aeriel camera of Route 128 for hours on end. Make your snow day one to remember and tune in.

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