Grace’s Take on Fredo Cuomo

For once in his low-rated career, everyone is watching Chris Cuomo.

If you haven’t seen the viral video that set the political Twitter-sphere on fire, do yourself a favor and check it out. 

Cuomo, like most social justice warriors, does not have a great sense of humor.

And just like his older brother, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chris takes himself very seriously. 

Which explains the PR disaster that unfolded this past Sunday. 

CNN’s resident fake tough guy went completely off the rails after a heckler provoked him at a restaurant on Long Island. 

The egregious offense that sent this particular Democrat operative with a press pass over the edge? The stranger called him “Fredo.” 

Considering that Rush Limbaugh and others have been calling him this nickname for years, you’d think Cuomo could have handled it a bit more nonchalantly. 

Instead, Cuomo became incensed, even telling the man, “I’ll F****** throw you down these stairs.” 

Perhaps worse than Cuomo’s physical threats was his claim that the moniker Fredo is an “ethnic slur”. In other words, this son and brother of governors, who went to Yale is now a victim.

The bemused instigator was surprised to learn that by calling Cuomo by the name of Michael Corleone’s dimwitted brother, he had unwittingly committed a hate crime. 

But Cuomo wasn’t satisfied with simply deeming “Fredo” an ethnic slur. Like any good liberal, he needed to complete his sanctimonious tirade with an outlandish comparison. 

So that’s when he declared that the word “Fredo” is as offensive as using the N word.

Bet you didn’t know that! 

Well, in today’s Trump-Deranged world, you learn something new every day. 

CNN’s Matt Dornic came to the anchor’s defense with this tweet: “Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated setup. We completely support him.”

I don’t blame CNN for sticking by its employee, but to support Cuomo’s claim that Fredo is an ethnic slur is ludicrous.

Mostly because it proves once again that the media apparently believe that their audiences remember absolutely nothing.

The Dems have used the Fredo comparison on numerous occasions. 

Notably, it was used as recently as January on Chris Cuomo’s own dismal program Primetime. Ana Navarro, CNN’s go-to “Republican”, used the offensive term while sparring with Steve Cortes. 

Luckily, Cuomo was moderating the spat and did not let Ana’s racist screed go unchallenged. He immediately demanded she retract her deplorable remark.

Totally kidding! He didn’t even bat an eyelash. 

In Cuomo’s defense, Navarro was describing Donald Trump Jr as Fredo. So maybe alleged ethnic slurs are allowed as long as they’re only being used against Republicans.

The New York Times published an opinion piece in 2017 by Gail Collins in which she wrote, “If the president is playing Godfather in this particular drama, all the grown sons are Fredo.” So where was the Twitter mob that went crazy last week over the Times’ front-page headline that was insufficiently anti-Trump? Surely, they deluged the Times ombudsman (or somebody) with demands that Collins be packed off for sensitivity training at Diversity University. No?

But lastly and most damningly, Cuomo referred to himself as Fredo during a radio interview in 2010. 

Maybe Fredo was added to the Liberal Dictionary of Hate Speech in 2011.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve never been a fan of publicly accosting people, regardless of their political leanings. Bugging people because you disagree with them is a slippery slope. However, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh at how the Left is trying to play this one. After all, they are pretty mum on condemning this sort of behavior when it is aimed at Deplorables.

They weren’t exactly dismayed last year when Maxine Waters was encouraging her supporters to harass those serving in the Trump administration. The Representative from California said, “If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Perhaps that was the moment when the media should have developed a backbone and rebuked Waters for inciting violence. Instead, they took a pass.  They made excuses for her inflammatory rhetoric.

When Sarah Huckabee Sanders was run out of the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia by a mob of snowflakes and Bernie bros, , the media didn’t condemn it. Washington Post journalist Jennifer Rubin went as far as to say that, “Sarah Huckabee has no right to live a life of no fuss, no muss, after lying to the press — after inciting against the press. These people should be made uncomfortable, and I think that’s a life sentence frankly.” 

I can tell you one thing, Jennifer. Chris Cuomo just got his own life sentence. Nothing makes a nickname stick more than letting people know you hate it. Fredo found that out the hard way.

Sure Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a public figure. But conservative media personalities have not been immune to this kind of treatment either. Fox New’s Tucker Carlson had protestors outside of his home.

The mainstream media didn’t care.

Last year Brian Kilmeade was heckled (way more aggressively than Cuomo) in a place you will never ever see anyone named Cuomo…the NYC subway. 

But here is where conservatives outdo liberals.

The Fox and Friends host played it cool. He ignored the losers until they gave up and left him alone. He made it a non-story.

Because Kilmeade knew something Cuomo didn’t: Letting a troll get under your skin is the kiss of death. 

I just hope AMC capitalizes on this good fortune and runs a Godfather marathon this weekend. I’ll be cracking open a nice bottle of chianti and toasting the original Fredo. 

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