Grace’s Take: An Award Show Worth Watching

Last night’s Golden Globes were awesome. Shockingly, I’m not being sarcastic. Thanks in large part to Ricky Gervais, the foul-mouthed English comedian, the typically tedious snooze fest was watchable- entertaining even!

It was his fifth time hosting and he claims it was his last. Let’s hope he is just bluffing. Gervais ripped the Hollywood hypocrites in a stunning and spot-on monologue.

Among other things, it was a great chance to observe which celebrities take themselves too seriously.

Tom Hanks looked uncomfortable, albeit disapproving, while the host derided everyone from Epstein to Apple.

But when Gervais took a swipe at Leonardo DiCaprio for his habit of dating much younger women, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star cracked up.

Perhaps Leo has figured out something very few starlets understand: Self-deprecation makes good box office.

It is understandable why most Hollywood heavyweights have trouble laughing at themselves. After all, they’re used to laughing at Trump supporters. Whether it is SNL, award shows, or tweets- Hollywood only takes aim at conservatives. But for once, us redneck deplorables were not the butt of the joke.

Instead, Gervais decided to tap into all of the comedic gold that sits unused on the Left side of the aisle. Most comedians are scared of upsetting the politically correct, vegan, climate-crisis fighting beautiful people. But it became clear last night, there are no shortage of jokes to be made at their expense.    

And I have to say, for a bunch of so-called “brilliant” actors, they certainly had trouble hiding their disdain.

Some of the best moments?

After the host made a joke about dead serial pervert Jeffrey Epstein, the audience groaned.

Gervais quickly snapped back with this gem: “Shut up. I know he’s your friend but I don’t care. You had to make your own way here in your own plane, didn’t you?”

Another taboo topic the Brit wasn’t afraid to tackle? Harvey Weinstein.

He described the Netflix movie Bird Box as a film, “where people survive by acting like they don’t see a thing. Sort of like working for Harvey Weinstein.”

But without a doubt his greatest moment came when he reminded the Tinseltown snobs that no one watching cares about their political views.

“So, if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech, right? You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg. If you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your God, and f— off.”

Despite his cautioning, a few Hollywood hardos couldn’t help themselves and broke into their liberal diatribes anyway.

Michelle Williams decided to make her acceptance speech about abortion (she is pregnant by the way). Patricia Arquette, always down to ruin a good time, rambled on about Iran, a possible world war and President Trump. One Twitter user noted, “I was going to vote for Trump, but then this lady wearing sunglasses inside told me he’s really bad. She definitely changed my mind!”

Joaquin Phoenix, in between incredibly awkward pauses and expletives, talked about the climate crisis.

Because The Irishman walked away with zero awards we were robbed of the chance to hear De Niro gives another “Bleep Trump” acceptance speech. How will we persevere?

The progressives can’t help themselves but talk politics. Their narcissism gets the better of them every time.

But the start of the show threw a wrench into the usual self-aggrandizing vibe of the night.  In fact, the preaching and scolding from the handful of social justice warriors felt silly.

Gervais took the air out of their tires.

Their pouting little screeds just proved his point instead of making their own.

And the cherry on top of the night came when the host signed off with this beauty, “Please donate to Australia, have a great time, get drunk, take your drugs, Bleep off.”

I’m sure the A-listers needed a drink after that reality check. Cheers.

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