Gov. Healey’s hiring freeze thaws out

Turns out nothing was frozen. Maura’s hiring spree continues as hot as this heatwave.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is not the only Massachusetts Democrat pol who speaks with a forked tongue. Gov. Maura Healey also has a problem with the truth.

Remember way back in April when Healey announced a hack hiring freeze in an attempt to balance the state budget due to declining revenue and the soaring costs of welfare for the flood of Third World illegal aliens coming into state for a free ride forever?

Turns out nothing was frozen. Maura’s hiring spree continues as hot as this heatwave. 

Since her so-called freeze, Healey has hired 1300 more hacks. She has added $87 million worth of payroll patriots to the state’s bottom line. That’s a big miss on a hiring freeze.

According to her Executive Office of Administration and Finance (A&F), the state has saved $17 million due to the freeze. No joke! You would think with the word “finance” in their title, they would know how to do math. While I would rather add hacks on the payroll than putting tens of thousands of illegals from Haiti on the dole forever, I know that when the Commonwealth adds $87 million in new hacks to the public trough, that’s not a savings. 

A&F tries to claim that they did not hire as many hacks as they did during the last two months.  But whatever way you try to spin it, there was no freeze. 

And there is no freeze. The Healey hackerama is advertising another 246 jobs right now. How much do you think that will save us?

But this is not the only big whopper Healey has told us lately. 

She promised to be the most transparent administration ever. However, she continues to stonewall taxpayers on how many illegals we have in “emergency” housing or the Home Base Program, or how many background checks have been conducted on illegals, or how many are getting drivers’ licenses.

These are our tax dollars, but we don’t have the right to know. We just need to keep paying. Working-class Americans must support foreign criminals who don’t work – that’s Democrat equity in Massachusetts.

Healey also promised to make the state affordable. Nothing has become more affordable in the Commonwealth during her reign. Worse yet, she has created the Transportation Funding Task Force. That group is for raiding our wallets. It is not a matter of if taxes will increase. It is a matter of which ones she will raise, and when.

As with all Democrats, you cannot believe one word Healey says.

In the old days, Bay State governors were elected every two years. You can bet Maura’s real happy that law got changed back in 1966. Otherwise she might have a big-time problem in November.

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