Why is the GOP Race a Three-Ring Circus?

Why are so many Republican has-beens, also-rans and never-weres jumping into the presidential primary race?

It beats working.

That’s my theory anyway. Just consider the latest losers who are parachuting into the fight. See if you can detect a pattern here.

Next week, it’s former Vice President Mike Pence, who used to be a radio talk-show host in Indiana.

Also next week, former NJ Gov. Chris Christie will be waddling into the field. In 2017, he failed a try-out to become a sports radio talk-show host in New York.

Already running is Larry Elder, who used to be a radio talk-show host in Los Angeles.

Two key words here: “radio” and “former.” As the old political joke goes, the job needs the man and the man needs a job.

Politicians aren’t supposed to have problems getting jobs. Democrat politicians anyway.

Just yesterday, wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Democrat party came up with new jobs for two of their loyal card-carrying fellow travelers. Both recently retired from elective politics due to ill health – the voters got sick of them.

Lori Lightfoot, who just finished third in her reelection bid for mayor in Chicago, was picked up on waivers by Harvard University. The only surprise is that it wasn’t the Kennedy School, it was the School of Public Health.

Lightfoot is a four-fer: black, lesbian, Democrat and failed politician.

Then there’s the ex-district attorney of San Francisco, Chesa Boudin, thrown out of office in a landslide last year because he was too far left even for SF. He’s now going to run the new “criminal justice center” at the UC Berkeley law school.

Boudin refused to prosecute criminals, but it’s understandable. Both his parents are convicted cop killers, trust-funded Communist terrorist jailbirds. That’s why front groups for George Soros kicked in more than $600,000 for Boudin’s first campaign.

Boudin was thrown out of office less than a year ago and Lightfoot just lost her election. They’ve bounced back quickly because they’re Democrats. Left-wing, even by modern Democrat standards. I’m guessing they’ve both got book deals too.

It’s all part of the package – call it the Full Soros.

Republican losers have fewer safety nets, to put it mildly.

Radio’s not a bad racket, at least not for me. But let’s face it – radio’s long-term prospects are about as promising as, say, newspapers. Christie’s would-be employer was just delisted by the New York Stock Exchange. A share of its stock goes for a nickel.

Christie has been employed by another sinking ship – Disney, which owns ABC “News.” His most recent gig was appearing every Sunday on a chat show run by Democrat operatives with press passes. Christie’s role was to issue ritual denunciations of Trump as his Democrat masters nodded solemnly and handed him another cruller.

So now Christie gets to freshen up his anti-Trump bona fides out on the campaign trail. If he reprises his 2016 campaign in New Hampshire, most of Christie’s appearances will be made between bites as he’s chowing down a Big Breakfast or three at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester.

When any unemployed Republican goes job-seeking at state-run media outlets, it’s imperative to have lots of anti-Trump videos to show off.

Going on cable TV as a “Republican” and denouncing your fellow Republicans seems to be the only growth industry in the GOP. And the money is very good. Ask Joe Scarborough, Michael Steele, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger — and those are just a few of the bust-out GOP hacks now living large off their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Whenever they slam Trump – or DeSantis, or anybody not in The Party – it proves they’ve grown or evolved.

Gov. Chris Sununu is already in the middle of his network tryouts. Every Sunday morning, just like Christie, he appears on Very Fake News and takes about what a bounder Trump is.

Sununu is currently running behind Asa Hutchinson (who?) in Iowa. He polls at zero in his home state of New Hampshire.

In other words, after he’s eliminated, there’s going to be a bidding war for Sununu’s services. Who knew? Sununu.

Except for the Supreme Court, the Democrats control everything — government, academia, state-run media, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood. To tighten their vise-like grip on society beyond 2024, Democrats want more Republicans in the race, to ease Trump’s path to the nomination.

The reason is simple: Democrats think that Trump is the only Republican Biden can defeat.

All the GOP candidates – the would-be talk show hosts, after-dinner speakers and would-be authors — understand this dynamic. They don’t need to win. All they have to do is get out there and rip Trump – it’s a good career move. It’s all about the Benjamins.

Oddly, the market for would-be Democrat challengers to Biden are not nearly as bullish.

Consider Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. If you check out his latest book, about Dr. Anthony Fauci, it’s promoted this way on Amazon:

“Over 1,000,000 copies sold despite censorship, boycotts from bookstores and libraries and hit pieces against the author.”

Good Lord. It almost sounds like Bobby Jr. is being treated like a… Republican.

Democrats don’t want anybody else in the primaries, that’s for sure. On Wednesday, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase told an interviewer he might be willing to run for office, meaning president.

Hours later, a front-page story was leaked to the Wall Street Journal saying that an underling at the bank has testified that for years he and Dimon discussed “the bank’s business with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.”

Epstein, of course, owned an island that he populated with underage females whom he used for his own unspeakable ends. Epstein was thisclose to such Democrat grandees as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Noam Chomsky.

They’re not being slimed for their connections to Epstein, which were much closer than Dimon’s. But those shady celebs aren’t being “urged” to run for president against the Democrats’ hero, Joe Biden.

The bottom line is, there’s no downside to running for president as a Republican in 2024. But if you’re a Democrat and you take on Brandon, prepare to be treated by the FBI as if you’re a Catholic headed for a Latin Mass.

As for me, although I’m a radio talk show host, I have no plans to run for president. I’ve been chased by The Man long enough.

If nominated I will not run. If elected I will not serve.

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