An En Masse Goodbye to Boston’s Biggest Hacks of Today and Yesterday

Now, if Shannon O’Brien will just finally show us her tattoo…

Is it too late now for Shannon O’Brien to save her latest hack job by finally showing us her tattoo the way she promised back in 2002?

The state weed czar walked the plank Friday in a pre-hurricane Lee news dump.

Ironically, she got whacked a day after the guy who defeated her in that 2002 governor’s fight, Mitt Romney, cashed in his chips before his new voters in Utah could give him the same bum’s rush down the steps.

All in all, it was a very bad week for the political protected classes in Boston. Seriously, who could have ever dreamed that Kendra Lara and Ricky Ricardo Arroyo would get fired before Chaim Bloom?

You ask, what did all these pampered pukes have in common, other than a breathtaking sense of entitlement?

They were all creations of the Boston Globe, Mitt perhaps less so than the others. But still, he always groveled before them, hoping to overcome his original sin of being a straight white male Republican who went to church on Sundays.

That’s why Willard marched in those phony-baloney BLM parades in 2020 – with a mask yet! It was to be his baptism into… wokeness.

Go woke, go broke. Now Mitt has sadly learned the same lesson as Transheuser Busch and Disney.

But Romney did do us one small favor stopping Shannon O’Brien from becoming governor in 2002. Likewise, she had earlier done us a solid by knocking off an unspeakable hack in the primary that year – Robert Reich.

The bow-tied bum kissers had preferred Robert Reich because he was, well, you know what he was. They felt sorry for the 59-inch-high egghead but in the primary he came up a little short, as it were.

When Reich didn’t rise to the occasion, the Globe immediately began non-stop gushing over Shannon O’Brien. She may have been a fourth-generation hack married to a drunk-driving ex-state rep. But when a race comes down to two honkies, all that matters is who’s got the right plumbing.

And she did have that tattoo that she bragged about in the Halloween debate.

Now Shannon has been “suspended” with pay from her $181,722-a-year job at the Weed Commission. In other words, the unemployable 64-year-old is now on vacation to fatten (bad word when discussing Shannon) her monthly kiss in the mail.

Shannon had been in the marijuana grift before she decided to return to the hack racket. Since she’d once been state treasurer, she expected to be put back on the dole by the current female state treasurer.

The Beatles got high with a little help from their friends. Shannon got high up with a little help from her friends.

Even more entertaining was the crash of two of the Globe’s pampered pets on the City Council – Lara Kendra (or is it Hicks today?) and Ricky Ricardo Arroyo. After their ignominious beatings, grief counselors confiscated belts and shoe laces from broken-hearted, suicidal Globe trust-funders.

Lara went out with a little class – very little. Conceding at Brendan Behan’s, she guzzled beer, dropped f-bombs and then downed a shot of tequila. Finally, she was joined in mourning by Ricky Ricardo, who was described by a credulous scribe as her “colleague and childhood friend.”

That’s one way of putting it, I suppose.

In the final days, it had fallen to one of the Globe’s countless check-the-box scribes to rationalize Comrade Lara’s life of crime. About not having a driver’s license – “she had ample time to get her license renewed – 10 years, to be exact.”

The drifter scribe grudgingly acknowledged, “Yes, (she) broke the rules but did so because of life’s circumstances.”

In her case, life’s circumstances had taught Kendra that as a “victim” she could absolutely get away with anything – rabid anti-Semitism, driving like an illegal alien, squatting in public housing, a social media presence that would make Susanna Gibson blush, etc. etc.

Kendra said her defeat means she’s been “promoted to activist.” Which community she plans to be an “activist” in — JP or Somerville — remains to be seen.

Whatever, it’s doubtful Kendra’s new gig will pay $103,500 a year, her Council salary that would have been raised in January to $115,000. On the bright side, she can now move back into public (meaning, free) housing.

As for Ricky Ricardo Arroyo, I think his ouster was an even worse blow to the Globe than Lara’s. He was the latest beneficiary of the Globe’s tradition of unctuously slobbering over dodgy Democrat disgraces, the sleazier the better.

Consider the Globe Hall of Shame: serial pederasts Gerry Studds and Dave Scondras, cradle-robbing gay hack Stanley Rosenberg, Dianne the bra-stuffer Wilkerson and the Globe’s now-indicted “Bostonian of the Year” Monica Cannon-Grant.

And don’t forget another of their longtime crushes, disgraced ex-US Attorney “Racial” Rollins, who last year conspired with Ricky Ricardo to fix the DA’s race by leaking fake stories to… wait for it… the Boston Globe.

After Ricky Ricardo was beaten like a rented mule, the Globe sent him on his crooked way with yet another wet big kiss. They even described him as a part of a political “dynasty” – which I guess means his father Felix “No Show” Arroyo and his slimy brother Felix Jr., known as “Third Rail” for his conduct around women at City Hall.

No wonder the Globe swooned over the Arroyos – they regarded them as Puerto Rican Kennedys.

Don’t worry, though, the Globe and the rest of the ruined Boston media still have plenty of Democrat rear-ends to smooch. Take city councilor Julia Mejia – please.

The Globe absolutely adores her: “She has emerged as a valuable voice on the Council.”

The valuable voice’s most memorable statement as a city councilor was delivered on youtube, as a message to her Mass & Cass constituency:

“For those who are wondering if I am using drugs, answer is definitely no.”

Not that a habit would necessarily be a bad thing for a local pol these days.

I mean, if you can’t brag about a lesbian sister, or a (closeted) gay uncle who raised you back in some Third World hellhole before you flopped into Boston as an illegal alien on welfare, probably drug addiction would be the next best qualification for high (get it?) office.

Now, if Shannon O’Brien will just finally show us her tattoo…

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