Go Woke, Go Broke; just ask BU and Monica Cannon-Grant

The Boston Globe named her a “Bostonian of the Year.” Boston Magazine called her “the best social justice advocate in Boston.” The Celtics called her “a hero among us.”

It must suck being Monica Cannon-Grant these days.

I mean, the entire Racial Grift-Industrial Complex seems to be coming apart at the seams, as one prominent con artist of color after another is exposed or fired or defeated at the polls.

But only one of the flim-flammers of 2020 is looking at serious prison time.

Monica Cannon-Grant.

The latest of her comrades to take it on the chin is the man formerly known as Ibram Henry Rogers.

Sagely, he rebranded himself as “Ibram X. Kendi,” because X marks the spot where the woke big money is. Right, Malcolm X?

The X-man also realized the profitability potential of the A-word – Anti-racist. He wrote a book about how to be an “anti-racist.” He started the Center for Anti-Racist Research.

The dough rolled in by the millions — $10 million alone from Jack Dorsey, the Charlie Manson-lookalike founder of Twitter.

Mr. X has also been pocketing up to $40,000 for every “anti-racist training” harangue he delivers to trust-funded, melanin-impaired audiences in their gated communities and resort-island spas.

Now, however, three years after the torrent of guilt-ridden money that began gushing after the “mostly peaceful” looting-arson-murder sprees by thugs across the nation, Mr. X is laying off more than half the staff at his “center” at Boston University.

Now, I guess, they really are oppressed. They’re going to have to get real jobs.

Same phenomenon is happening in corporate America. A lot of $500,000-a-year DEI vice presidents in charge of diversity are being jettisoned, because somebody has to do some real work sometime and not just harangue the people who have real jobs about stuff that happened 400 years ago.

While it lasted, though, the BLM era was a golden age for all whining freeloaders, not just Monica Cannon-Grant. As a (white) person once said, “Living well is the best revenge.”

And Mr. X at least will be living well forever. Who cares that BU has announced an “inquiry” into whatever happened to all those grandiose plans and the millions he collected?

The collapse of the Comm Ave con comes a week after the repudiation of two local con artists of color — Kendra Lara and Ricky Ricardo Arroyo. Both lost their reelection campaigns for the City Council. Unlike Mr. X, neither made millions at City Hall. But until January they’ll still be slopping at the public trough for $103,500 a year.

Meanwhile, Monica Cannon-Grant is charged in an 18-count federal indictment with running a massive multi-million-dollar scam involving… anti-racism.

You can see why she might be angry about being singled out. She basically had the BLM fraud franchise in Boston. And boy, did she get the accolades from the same Boston media rubes who swooned over Ibram X. Kendi.

The Boston Globe named her a “Bostonian of the Year.”

Boston Magazine called her “the best social justice advocate in Boston.”

The Celtics called her “a hero among us.”

She grabbed millions. She even ripped off her fellow race hustlers, among them then Suffolk County district attorney “Racial” Rollins. Racial handed Monica $6000 from one of her funds, which Monica immediately blew on a stack of double bacon cheeseburgers at the Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill.

Racial Rollins is another one of the hustlers who’s been thrown under the bus in recent months. She tried to fix the district attorney’s race last year with the aforementioned Ricky Ricardo Arroyo. She lied to the feds about her twisted scheme, and was fired.

But Racial Rollins is not under indictment, maybe because of the race card – she never leaves home without it. But then, neither does Monica Cannon-Grant.

Speaking of the feds and race cards, whatever happened to the woman who briefly ran the federal defenders program in Boston – Kyana Givens? That blow-in blowhard used to pose for magazine cover photos with Racial Rollins (and Maura Healey).

Yet now Kyana seems to have vanished from Boston as completely as Racial Rollins.

Despite getting arrested, Monica was a talented scam artist back in her George Floyd glory days. You have to give her that. And she continues employing her grifting gifts to this day.

First, as you know, all defendants now are “indigent,” even if, like Monica, they’re charged with stealing millions. So, if you’re “indigent,” you’re assigned a goateed, squirrelly-looking public defender from the same office that was once run by drifter Kyana Givens.

It’s all on the arm. It’s no big deal to keep changing lawyers, because it doesn’t cost you a dime. Monica is working this con the way she used to take suburban wine moms from Newton and Brookline. She is now on her third – third! – lawyer.

The beauty is, every time Monica gets a new mouthpiece, he stamps his little Birkenstock-clad feet and says he needs at least six months, maybe a year, to catch up on the million or so pages of evidence against her.

And now Monica’s gotten even luckier. The judge who’s been assigned her case is the ancient Mark Wolf, who turns 77 in November.

With any luck (like another scam over COVID, which petrifies the ancient, tubby Wolf almost as much as it does Howard Stern), Monica may not have to face justice for another decade.

When Monica (and the rest of them) were really raking in the big bucks in their racist rackets, she fled Roxbury for Taunton. She must have figured she was moving to a semi-bucolic, semi-crime-free community run by Americans.

Now, though, the city’s only hotel has been taken over by hundreds and hundreds of illegal aliens living large on the arm. Not good for property values.

Even more infuriating, if she were still in Boston, Monica could be running for one of those open City Council seats. Maybe $115,000 a year (as of next year)  isn’t much compared to her old Violence in Boston grift, but it would still pay for the occasional pig-out at Shake Shack.

As she awaits her eventual rendezvous with justice, one post-George Floyd career option remains open for Monica Cannon-Grant. It’s a tried and true path to the big bucks. Just ask Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Repeat after me:

The Rev. Monica Cannon-Grant.

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