Giorgia Meloni Terrifies the Globalist Elites

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. November 8, 2020, to be exact, though the overheated rhetoric in question had been circulating for months.

Kamala Harris had just been declared the next Vice President of the United States. Recall what the media had to say about that:

From The Guardian: “Kamala Harris has spent her life crashing through glass ceilings and accumulating ‘firsts.’”

And within 33 minutes, The Guardian checked in with a second slobber-fest: “With victory speech, California senator brings tears to eyes of crowd in Delaware.”

Politico went international: “In India, firecrackers and prayers to celebrate Harris’ win.”

BBC’s predictably insufferable puff piece touched upon her “many identities”: First woman, first Black, first Indian-American Vice President. Daughter of a single mother. An “aspirational symbol” whose “grit” and “raw talent” led her to the White House.

Fast-forward to this week. A glass-ceiling-breaking, “first”-accumulating young-ish daughter of a single mother will be the first woman to hold the title of Prime Minster in Italy. But will you hear about the grit and talent that brought Giorgia Meloni to this incredible feat?

Based on the reports thus far, likely not. According to the Enemy of the People, Meloni is just another member of Fratelli d’Italia, Italy’s neo-fascist, EU-threatening party that will now control the most far-right government since Benito Mussolini.  If I may translate the media-speak, Giorgia Meloni supports center-right policies and promises to promote God, country, and family.

Since she threatens the socialist narrative, Meloni’s identity doesn’t matter one bit. “I cannot define myself as Italian, Christian, woman, mother,” Meloni explains. “I must be Citizen X, Gender X, Parent 1, Parent 2. I must be a number, because when I am only a number, when I no longer have identity or roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators. The perfect consumer.”

Meloni’s critiques of ultra-capitalism and a money-hungry establishment should resonate with progressives, but it’s difficult to filter through the media’s immediate Look! Neo-fascism! cries. That’s all they have, really. Tossing “neo” on the front of a word allows the Left to reconfigure its meaning into whatever they want. But even that scheme’s days are numbered.

The move toward traditionalism and patriotism is becoming a trend across the planet, and the globalist elites are terrified.

Earlier this year, France showed inclinations toward this major populist shift—though ultimately unsuccessful—with growing support for conservative presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen.

Last week the right-populist Sweden Democrats Party saw enough increase in conservative Riksdag seats to select the next Prime Minister.

After years of oppressive health lockdowns, the voters are waking up. They’re realizing the average working-class individual is not better off under an intrusive central government.

“That’s why we inspire so much fear,” Meloni claims in a speech making its Twitter rounds today. Meloni and her party have not held back in noting that the Left only pretends to care about you—your race, gender, circumstance—when it helps further their socialist, statist agenda. Aside from your taxes and your votes, you are disposable.

“We do not want to be numbers,” she continues. “We will defend the value of the human being. Every single human being. Because each of us has a unique genetic code that is unrepeatable. And like it or not, that is sacred. We will defend it.”

Bravissima, Meloni! Viva l’Italia!

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