Georgia ‘special’ Trump prosecutors are lovebirds

All this sneaky stuff was done while the two proud Democrats were… seeing a lot of each other.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

Just ask Donald J. Trump. He got quite lucky this week down in Georgia, when it was revealed that the “prosecutors” coming after him in Atlanta are in bed together — literally.

One of Trump’s co-defendants in the phony-baloney case accused Fulton County’s Democrat district attorney of illegally putting her boyfriend on the payroll as special prosecutor and handing him $653,881 so far.

Another nationwide search.

All this sneaky stuff was done while the two proud Democrats were enjoying “an improper clandestine personal relationship… an ongoing romantic relationship.”

In other words, they were seeing a lot of each other.

Livin’ here, lovin’ there, lyin’ in between.

The very special prosecutor then used his ill-gotten gains, apparently, to take his Trump-hating Democrat gal pal on vacations including “travel on both the Norwegian and Royal Caribbean cruise lines.”

In other words, the lovebirds were going around the world, if you get my drift.

This bombshell brief was filed Monday afternoon. Hours earlier, the district attorney had been served with a subpoena from her boy toy’s estranged wife, to testify under oath at their divorce trial.

The persecutor, er, prosecutor is Fani Taifa Willis — those first two are Swahili names, in case you were wondering. Her father was a Black Panther.

Her boyfriend is Nathan Wade, a local ambulance chaser in a tiny two-man firm. If you go to the gigolo’s website, a client named “Sherry” gives the partners a glowing recommendation.

“I didn’t have to be concerned because he assured me he had it in the bag.”

Despite his ability to get everything “in the bag,” I wonder about Wade’s acumen as an attorney. For one thing, the most important task for any attorney is to make sure no client can ever call him out for padding his invoices — “billable hours,” as they’re called.

Wade was hired by his gal pal on Nov. 1, 2021. The next day he filed for divorce from his wife.

On Nov. 5, the new “Anti-Corruption Special Prosecutor” said he worked “24 hrs@250” for a total of $6,000.

He worked 24 hours in one day! Is that even possible, or is that… fraud? Maybe Atlanta needs a new Anti-Corruption Special Prosecutor to investigate the current Anti-Corruption Special Prosecutor.

Wade’s billable hours also included eight hours in Athens, Ga., on May 23, 2022 for “Conf with White House counsel” and then in November 2022 for “interview with DC/White House.”

This whole banana-republic indictment, you may recall, is all about “election interference” in Georgia in 2020. It was ginned up by a fake-news-story in the Washington Post with made-up quotes from Donald Trump.

Sadly, for the Democrat operatives with press passes, an audio tape existed of the real (as opposed to the Post’s made-up) phone call between Trump and the state official.

The Post never admitted running yet another bogus anti-Trump fiction until the Wall Street Journal busted them on it, with the actual audio. The Post then had to issue this sniveling apology:

“The recording revealed that The Post misquoted Trump’s comments on the call… Trump did not tell the investigator to ‘find the fault’ or say she would be a ‘national hero’ if she did it.”

Those faked “misquotes” were the only things that made the story national news.

Which brings us back to the state RICO indictment against Trump, being prosecuted by the DA’s boyfriend who was hired illegally, without the sign-off by county commissioners.

Plus, he appears to be completely incompetent, another Claudine Gay DEI type. According to his website, in addition to slip-and-falls, Wade handles divorce cases. Yet somehow, he forgot to get the complaint containing his wife’s allegations sealed as soon as they were filed.

This is Divorce Law 101 stuff! I learned this years ago when I got a tip that an ex-state senator’s estranged wife had put into evidence all the credit-card bills the solon had run up with his new young cupcake — champagne dinners, weekend trysts, expensive gifts etc.

I ran over to East Cambridge and pulled the file. Along with the hilarious credit card bills was a motion by the solon’s lawyer to seal the records lest some reporter (meaning me) found them. Motion denied!

I wrote the story and everybody got a good laugh. There’s no fool like an old fool.

Later I returned to the courthouse and again pulled the file. The most recent filing was… a copy of my column about Mr. Chairman’s affinity for buying sweet nothings for his, uh, niece. My column was stapled to the judge’s denied motion to impound the material to keep me from getting it…

Doesn’t every divorce lawyer in America learn that job one is to ask the judge to seal all the records? Just on general principles.

But Nathan Wade was either too lazy or too stupid to have his own counsel ask the judge to impound his ex’s allegations about his ooh-la-la relationship with the DA.

By the time Wade realized what sort of XXX-rated stuff was in the file, the Trump lawyer had copies of everything. She put them right into her motion to dismiss the charges.

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

I’ll bet there’s trouble in paradise this weekend between the two lovebirds. Fani must be screaming, You better settle with that woman so I don’t have to testify!

And Ward is yelling back, dammit, now my wife’s gonna want all the money in the world. And since you’re probably gonna have to fire me because you were too stupid to put me on the payroll legally, how can I settle now?

And Fani snorts, well, Mr. Big Shot, why don’t you just sell your brand-new Audi A8 L 4.2 Quattro that the New York Post wrote about that you’ve been driving all ‘round Hot-lanta like you’re James Brown or something? Or pawn the handgun they took a photo of you brandishing! And lose that “trendy cobalt suit” you were wearing.

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.

When I was a kid, my Aunt Mabel taught me to play bridge. She always believed that if you had a high card you should play it, to make sure you won the trick. So if you had both a jack and a king and you don’t know who was holding the queen, you should play the king to avoid losing the trick.

Aunt Mabel always told me, “Never send a boy on a man’s errand.”

Now, I’d like to update that advice for Fani Taifa Willis:

“Never send a boy toy on a man’s errand.”

Especially if you’re going after Donald J. Trump.

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