George Jetson’s got nothing on Joe Biden

Last week, he laid out a future model for modern commercial air flight. And believe me, George Jetson’s got nothing on Joe Biden.

It’s time for the periodic wrap-up of Dementia Joe Biden’s pensees on the state of the nation (as opposed to the State of the Nation speech, which he’s incapable of delivering).

Most of Biden’s dreams for America amount to nightmares for the population that works for a living, pays taxes and actually plays by the rules most of the time.

Sometimes, though, Joe shares with his increasingly restive subjects his other fantasies, which aren’t quite insane — like open borders, endless lockdowns, destroying U.S. energy independence, etc.

They’re merely crazy … like the rantings of someone who’s not all there.

Last week, he laid out a future model for modern commercial air flight. And believe me, George Jetson’s got nothing on Joe Biden. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“Be able to figuratively, if if you may if we decided to do it, taverse (sic) the world in about an hour, travel 21,000 miles in an hour. So much is changing.”

Twenty-one-thousand miles an hour! Now that’s fast.

Remember the Concorde – its top speed was 1,354 miles an hour. It had any number of drawbacks – maintenance and fuel cost, crashes, passenger fears, etc. The last Concorde flight was in 2003.

But wait, there’s more.

“Imagine a world where we and your family can travel coast to coast without a single tank of gas on a high-speed train close to as fast as you can go across the country in a plane.”

Is this the same plane that goes 21,000 miles per hour, Mr. President? So a train could go from Boston to LA in about the same amount of time you needed to go from Central Square to Park Street on the Red Line, back in the old days when people actually rode the T?

“We’re gonna talk about commercial airliners flying at subsonic supersonic speeds.”

Subsonic – that’s under 609 mph. To put it another way, Orville and Wilbur Wright had a subsonic aircraft. Supersonic – the Concorde. Joe wants both in one.

Remember the cartoon character Scooby Doo? His trademark line was “Ruh roh!”

“Talk to the folks around the country about ruh what really makes up the foundation of a good economy.”

This guy is president of the country? Ruh roh!

It’s all part of rebuilding the so-called “infrastructure,” right Joe?

“Public interest in research and development has declined as percentage of DGP in the last 25 years declined.”

Most economists call it the Gross Domestic Product – the GDP. For Joe, it’s the DGP, just like he calls the Trans Pacific Partnership the TTP and HHS is “Health and Education” which it was 40 years ago (with the word Education thrown in, thus HEW).

Last week Joe got to make a major appointment to another agency, whose official name and acronym he’s somewhat confused about:

“Finally, the Bureau of Alcopaul Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms hasn’t had a permanent director since 2015. Today I’m proud to nominate David Chipman to serve as director of the AFT. David knows the AFT well.”

AFT is the acronym of the American Teachers Federation. Safe to say Joe spends a lot more time thinking, if that’s the right word, about the AFT than the ATF. His son Hunter, though – he knows plenty about ATF, especially alcopaul, not to mention crack cocaine.

Sometimes it’s practically impossible to transcribe Biden’s statements, and in the following one, I believe, after listening to it over and over again, that he is referring to “pistols” as “pencils.”

“A stabilizing brace shook in a pencil essentially makes that pistol a helluva lot more accurate in a min-rifle, as a result it’s more lethal, effectively turning it into a short-barrelled rifle.”

A pistol is now a pencil? All those old movies and TV shows will have to have their names changed, I guess. The Pencils of Navarone. Pencilsmoke. The ancient detective show Peter Gunn will now be known as Peter Pencil.

A few other recent Bidenisms:

“The section action the second action we’re gonna take.”

“Until this vaccine is available to the world and we’re beating back the vaccine the virus in other countries we’re not really completely safe.”

(But putting COVID-19 positive illegals onto buses and shipping them into the heartland – no problemo!)

“You can’t yell crowd – you can’t yell fire in a crowded movie theater and call it freedom of speech.”

(Well, Nancy Pelosi already informed us that you also can’t yell “wolf” in a crowded theater, so I guess the word “crowd” is just another assault on the First Amendment. She told us this after proposing legislation that she said would be “worthy of George Kirby.” Surely she meant to say George Floyd.)

Biden also last week falsely said that there are no background checks at firearms shows. That was so absurd that even the eunuchs in the White House press corps felt compelled to call flack Jen Psaki about it.

Even though the question didn’t come from the Fox News reporter Peter Doocy (whom Biden calls “a one-horse pony”) she petulantly brushed off the question.

“Well, we know what his position is, right?”

Actually, Jen, no, we don’t know what his position is, on that or anything else. And that’s a big ruh-roh.

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