Geoff Diehl haunts GOP… again

DoorDash Diehl is already warming up for his next beating.

Perennial loser Geoff “DoorDash” Diehl has been crushed, beaten, trounced and pummeled in so many campaigns for so many offices for so long that he’s apparently now punch drunk.

Like an over-the-hill prizefighter, DoorDash has taken so many blows to the head he can no longer even remember what office or whoever he’s running against anymore.

Right now, he’s taking time out from his pizza deliveries to seek the MassGOP state committee seat in the Second Plymouth & Norfolk District. The election is Tuesday.

Yesterday, the highly rated Uber driver (“Knows English,” his passengers rave on his official site) went on a local radio station and issued a debate challenge – to me!

He apparently wants to promote his slate of loser committee candidates – the Kool Aid Kult, as I call them. They were led by Jim “Jones” Lyons, a rabid anti-Trumper in 2016 who used to run as a Democrat when Ronald Reagan was president, and Lyons was on the Dukakis-Ted Kennedy-Fritz Mondale team.

After losing control of the party apparatus last year, the Kult now seeks to reclaim the party.

This, after turning a $700,000 surplus when they took over into a $600,000 deficit last year when they were thrown out. Under Diehl, Lyons, et al. the party committed offenses that led to a federal fine of $6,450 and state fines of $15,000 (so far – at least one major state probe continues).

Oh, I forgot to mention, Diehl’s Kool Aid Kult lost 10 legislative seats, three sheriffs, a DA, every referendum question and every statewide and Congressional race.

They went 0-for-2020 and 0-for-2022.

You’d think these clowns like Diehl would just hang their heads in shame and go home. There’s no shame in driving a cab, after all.

But DoorDash wants to debate me. The problem is, he’s not running against me. He is running against Lawrence P. Novak, an ex-con and disbarred lawyer from Brockton. He was convicted of money laundering.

Now, there are 80 state committee races on the Republican side. I haven’t got enough time (or interest) to hold debates for every seat. But in this case, I am willing to sponsor a short face-off between Novak and DoorDash.

Maybe we can finally clear up the confusion about who he’s running against.

I will of course be the moderator when he debates Novak, whose Bureau of Prisons number is 25796-038.

I called Novak yesterday as he was going door to door in Brockton, seeking votes one at a time.

I asked Novak if he would accept my invitation to take on Diehl, who’s never been the same since the brutal stompings he endured running for the state Senate in 2015, for the US Senate in 2018 and then for governor in 2022.

It’s become a pattern for Diehl. He runs, he loses, he gets fewer votes than the last time. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I asked Novak if he is willing to take the political laughingstock on?

“Absolutely,” Novak said. “You know, he never even comes to Brockton.”

Sadly, him I doubt Diehl will take me up on my generous offer.

In 2022, I asked if he’d be willing to do a second appearance against his GOP opponent, Chris Doughty, who had beaten Diehl like a rented mule in their first broadcast debate.

DoorDash ran like a scared rabbit. He’s a sheep in sheep’s clothing.

If Diehl is frightened, I will even give him a list of some of the questions I want to pose to him if he comes on my show for a pre-election debate against Larry Novak.

Both candidates, have you ever worked closely with and/or had multiple photographs taken with a fellow Republican member of your Kool Aid Kult who is now indicted for a) COVID welfare fraud, b) theft of a firearm from a constituent and/or c) state ethics violations?

For Geoff, the answer would be yes, his close political ally, Dean Tran.

Both Diehl and Tran have worked for auto parts magnate Rick Green, another rabid anti-Trumper in the Kool Aid Kult who backed John Kasich in 2016 and then Ron DeSantis this year.

Tran was slated to run for the state committee on the Kool Aid Kult slate, but sadly he lost his photo finish with both the federal and state grand juries.

Tran’s most recent public statements: “Not guilty, Your Honor.” And, “Not guilty, Your Honor.”

This question will be addressed to both candidates: during your last campaign, did you have your photograph taken with anyone who is now awaiting trial on child rape charges?

Again, for Diehl, the answer would be yes. The guy’s name is Russell Morris. His next appearance in Salem Superior Court is scheduled for Monday – election eve! Tough choice for DoorDash where to be – in Salem or in the district.

Morris was thisclose to DoorDash’s last campaign manager, Amanda Orlando.

Next question: Mr. Novak, we all know you’ve paid your debt to society – it’s right there on the Bureau of Prisons website. You were released from prison on Oct. 19, 2015.

As for you, Mr. Diehl, there’s a lawsuit currently making its way through state court.

The state committee is disputing more than $250,000 in unpaid bills from your pathetic 2022 campaign, during which many of your TV ad buy orders were signed by the aforementioned campaign manager, Russell Morris’ dear friend.

DoorDash, what do you suppose your “debt” is going to be once the judge’s decision comes back as to who owes those $250,000 worth of unpaid bills that were approved, not by the Republican party, but by your campaign?

Oh, I got lots of questions for the candidates. About events that happened in Kentucky long ago. Also, if either has ever employed in their campaigns anyone who proudly posted Nazi medals with swastikas from World War II on their social media sites….

Meanwhile, DoorDash is already warming up for his next beating. He’s running for the same state Senate seat he lost to crapulous Michael Brady back in 2015. Diehl outspent Brady 2-1 and still lost in a 55-45 landslide.

Now the district has been redrawn, removing Republican areas and adding Avon and parts of Randolph. It’s become majority-minority, but DoorDash figures he’s on the comeback trail.

I told you, this poor political palooka has gone punchy from all the poundings he’s absorbed.

DoorDash has even repurposed his state Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) account to set himself up for November’s drubbing.

I checked out Diehl’s OCPF campaign finance account yesterday. This year the DoorDash campaign has taken in $7,745-$7,500 of which was donated or loaned by people named Diehl with addresses at DoorDash’s manse.

Another $250 came from Amanda Orlando.

So, Novak’s all in on the debate. As for DoorDash, when the phone don’t ring, I’ll know it’s him.

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