Geoff Diehl has done more for Massachusetts than Liz Warren

In the Senate race, the fake Indian wants to boil it down to two words: Donald Trump.

And her Republican opponent, Rep. Geoff Diehl, needs to make his whole campaign about a single word: Massachusetts.

As in, is the justice system in Massachusetts – meaning cops – racist “front to back,” as Elizabeth Warren said in New Orleans?

Are the Republican tax cuts “crumbs,” as all national Democrats agree?

Would abolishing ICE be a good thing for Massachusetts – Ayanna Pressley says yes, and Jay Gonzalez went down to the federal courthouse recently to protest the feds’ arrest of 25 illegal alien criminals, one of them a convicted murderer, many of the others heroin dealers from Lawrence, all of whom were also collecting welfare illegally?

So, Fauxcahontas, are you as woke as the rest of the statewide Democrat ticket? Whose side are you on – the non-working classes in Lawrence, or the working classes everywhere else?

Would it be good or bad for Massachusetts if the top marginal federal income tax went up to 50, 60, 70 percent – the fake Indian won’t say how high is too high, mainly because she wants to tell the taxpayers what the Mafia tells its loan shark victims.

What’s ours is ours and what’s yours is ours.

Remember, this is a woman who in her first campaign referred to the “west coast” of Massachusetts. That’s how connected she is to us.

Elizabeth Warren is about as interested in talking about Massachusetts issues as she is in discussing her, ahem, Native American heritage.

Diehl is, of course, the underdog. She’s got tons and tons of Soros- and Steyer-type money to slime him with. But he’s already had a major mud bath, complements of Evan McMullin’s favorite Trump-loathing bundler, the late John Kingston.

What did Kingston get for all the millions he spent on corn dogs? A whopping 26 percent of so of the vote.

As an obscure state rep from Whitman, Diehl in 2014 did more for Massachusetts taxpayers than the fake Indian ever has – he got a referendum question through that repealed the automatic annual increases in the state’s already onerous gasoline tax.

By the way, he was outspent by the hacks in that campaign — $3 million to $100,000, which is 30-1.

And what exactly has Elizabeth Warren done, other than check the box and provide, as she put, the “intellectual foundations” of Occupy Wall Street, which as you may recall was mostly about rapes, junkies shooting up on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and, for months, the stench of raw human sewage, a stink that just wouldn’t quit.

Reelect me, the fake Indian will say, so I can go back to Washington and out-hate Kamala Harris and Corey Booker and Chuck Schumer…. Reelect me, so I can run for president too!

Ted Kennedy first ran for the Senate on the slogan: He Can Do More for Massachusetts.

Geoff Diehl’s slogan can be: What Has She Done for Massachusetts?

One more thing he’s gotta do: get President Trump in here. It’ll be worth millions – millions! And the president will have a great time.

I have the perfect place for a rally. Ernie Boch Jr. is waiting by his phone in Norwood.

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