GDP Soars, MSM Sulks…Tweet Beat – 10.29.20

If you saw the GDP numbers today…well, you know why the Fake News pundits are so upset.

President Trump delivered…again.

Let’s go over some of the tweets that are really going to send Jim Acosta into a fit.


Did Joe Scarborough accidentally drink some truth serum? Someone cut his feed– quick.

If it makes Alisyn feel any better…her colleagues in the media will likely give President Barack Obama credit for this record-shattering 3rd quarter. Chin up!

Yes I’m plugging my own tweets today…

What can I say? I had some zingers. Self-promotion is not always a bad thing y’all!

FORE more years!

Jack Nicklaus endorsed President Trump with this awesome statement. The replies from “tolerant” liberals are enough to turn an undecided voter into a Trump supporter. Yikes.

Jay Cutler hops on Trump Train…

Seems like a lot of Trumpers are breaking their silence in the last few days before the Election.

That is how the cookie crumbles…

If you missed the Girl Scouts Cookie drama last night– let me fill you in.

It all started when the Girl Scouts Twitter account decided to congratulate SC Justice Amy Coney Barrett. They received plenty of backlash from woke feminists and decided to delete it.

PS…even with the deleted tweet, the mob is not about to ever buy a thin mint again. Because nothing makes sense today.

Plenty of people are talking about just how wacky this move was by the Girl Scouts.

That is all for now!

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