Gas and food up, 401Ks down in the age of Brandon

Gasoline prices breaking their all-time highs day after day after day — 10 budget-busting record-breakers in a row as of yesterday!

Gasoline prices breaking their all-time highs day after day after day — 10 budget-busting record-breakers in a row as of yesterday!

It’s one grim milestone after another, or would be, if Trump were still president.

But since this ongoing economic collapse is all on Dementia Joe Biden, state-run media can barely bring themselves to mention … grim milestones.

Every week, on my radio show, I ask the listeners what they have personally observed in the Democrats’ deliberate destruction of American prosperity. The usual topics — shortages, inflation and shrinkflation — have now expanded to include Brandon’s relentless ruination of retirement accounts specifically, and retirement, generally.

Brandon has the reverse Midas touch. Everyone he gropes, I mean touches, turns to … well, the polite word is excrement.

Let’s go straight to the audio and texts about everybody’s own personal grim milestones:

Bill: “I’m a small beef producer. Fertilizer prices were $410 a ton a year ago. Now they’re $960.”

Diesel from Maine: “A truck tire that was $399 is now $724. The refrigerant for the truck cabs, 30 pounds, used to be $99. Now it’s $299.”

From 617 area code: “I used to chafe at throwing my rotten kid $20 for gas every week to drive to school & baseball practice. Now’s it’s $45 for 10 gallons. Thanks Brandon.”

Mark: “Nature Valley protein granola bar, box used to have 6 … now, same box, same price, just 5 instead of 6.”

From 603: “I can still only budget $20 a week for gas, but now I barely get over 4 gallons a week.”

From 774: “Diesel fuel is going off the charts & bus fare is free in Worcester. Can you believe this stupidity?”

From 603: “Iams cat food bag increased $4 per bag for 22-lb. bag from one year ago.”

From 508: “I had my roof replaced, I ordered pizza for the crew. One large cheese, one large pepperoni. Delivered, $45. Let’s go Brandon! Grrrrrr …”

From 508: “Beer at LaGuardia airport in NYC is $28. Heard it on the radio.”

From 727: “I’m 60 and my 401(K) is down 72K.”

From 617: “56 years old. Down $350K.”

Karen from NC: “My hot tub has been on order since January. Thanks Brandon!”

From 603: “The Biden retirement account effects. I retired in 2016, $284K. Trump economy: up to $550K. Biden economy: $370K and dropping.”

From 978: “Where is 1 800-Joe-4-Oil when we need him?”

From 617: “I own a small vending company. I’m about to lose a potential account because I can’t find vending machines to buy. The machines are back ordered 6-8 months & up 30% in price. The used market, like used cars, up 65% and super scarce. Before Brandon people were cold-calling me trying to sell me used machines. Now I’ve been looking for two since December.”

From 207: “How can I get a job as a wet nurse?”

From 339: “Tried to buy a bottle of anisette, worker said we can’t get it anymore.”

Rambo: “Had to cancel annual trip to Kentucky, just had to let it go … $6.66 diesel.”

From 617: “Restaurant that used to have on its menu ‘Market Price’ now says, ‘Price Changes Daily.’ That’s scary.”

From 617: “Last week I paid $2.99 a lb. for suet — beef fat for birds. I used to get chicken to feed my family for $2.49 and I threw away the fat.”

JD in 617: “The U.S. Mint had Peace and Morgan silver dollar sale scheduled. They sent notice to collectors. Cancelled due to a lack of silver.”

From 603: “Took my son to get some Mother’s Day flowers and some nice hanging plants for outside. Well, the hanging plants, which in the past were around $14.99, were now $49.99. Mom had to settle for a cheap bouquet this year.”

Sara in 508: “We canceled our vacation this summer to Oregon because each plane ticket is a minimum of $1,000, plus I just lost my job as of 8/22.”

From 774: “Small Frosty treats at Wendy’s are now over two dollars. They used to be about a buck-fifty before Brandon got in.”

From 978: “My wife got me deli meats for lunch. One pound of turkey & 2 pounds of roast beef. Boar’s Head brand at a deli. Almost $30!!!!! And I will blame Brandon!”

From 781: “Pool chlorine was $199, now $499. Pool may not be open long this summer.”

From 339: “Cumberland Farms gas today $4.68, 3 days ago $4.58. Thank you Brandon.”

From 508: “$55 to fill up my Honda CR-V.”

Jimmy: “In Rite Aid, I said let me check the dollar aisle. It’s now the two-dollar aisle.”

From 480: “Three-inch chlorine tablets now $168 for a 40-lb. bucket, used to be $68 at Costco.”

From 781: “Tell the elderly to use their credit cards all winter, then file for bankruptcy.”

Dog: “$4.73 a gallon for milk. I’m losing weight.”

Beatrice from Billerica: “I just got two watch batteries replaced & it was $47.50. I like wearing a watch but jeez. I think I will just start looking at my phone.”

Just checked my own watch — election day is 173 days away. Nov. 8 is going to be one very grim milestone for one political party, and I think I can predict which one.

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