From the gas pump to chicken wings, many price hikes to thank Biden for

It’s not just the price of gas that’s gone out of control under the Democrats — how about home heating oil?

Now Americans have yet another new daily ritual in the age of Brandon.

You drive by that gas station you pass every morning on your way to work and on the way home in the evening, and you can’t help but notice with ever-increasing dread the daily spiral in the price of a gallon of gasoline or diesel.

It’s like watching an accident on the highway — only instead of the wrecks being towed away and the debris cleared, every time you drive by the flames have risen higher.

When Joe Biden is president and the price of gas goes up 10 cents over the course of a few hours, what do you call that now?

A good day!

It’s not just the price of gas that’s gone out of control under the Democrats — how about home heating oil?

All you deplorables and bitter clingers are not supposed to think about any of this, of course. It would be bad for the narrative of The Party. On TV, on the same cable networks which not so long ago were screaming Russia-Russia-Russia are now hysterical over Ukraine-Ukraine-Ukraine.

The same very ethical press that has brought Americans, among other things, WMD, the Russian collusion hoax, the COVID-19 panic, the “insurrection” and “climate change,” now hysterically screams that Ukraine is the apocalypse du jour, and that these high gas prices, which began skyrocketing on the day Brandon was installed was president, are not his fault.

Here are some reports from the domestic front line, from texters and callers to my radio show, about Biden’s war on the working classes:

From 781 area code: “I buy my gas in Newton. Gas went up 26 cents a gallon in 1 day. Owner said it’s biggest jump he’s ever seen. He thought 10 cents was a big jump, but 26 cents is scary.”

If Trump were still president, the Democrat media would call each insane price hike a “grim milestone.” But now … nothing to see here, folks move along, and let’s get an update on the Ghost of Kyiv which is actually from a video game, as well as on the 13 brave martyrs of Snake Island, who by the way weren’t killed, just captured.

A home heating oil report from 617: “Called my oil company and told them we can only afford half a tank for our next delivery. We have a 275-gallon tank and since it will be less than 150 gallons, delivered price will be $4.54 per gallon. What other choice do we have?”

Plymouth, New Hampshire: “Ordered heating oil at $3.93. Delivery this morning: $4.11. Gasoline went from $3.79 last night to $4.04 this morning.”

Elections have consequences. Just ask the 11,000 union tradesmen fired from the Keystone XL pipeline, or Ukrainians, for that matter. Nature abhors a vacuum, and that’s what we have in the White House now.

Putin invaded none of his neighbors when Trump was president. And Putin also had a lot less foreign currency to use for his horrible aggression — the price of a barrel of oil was $41 on Election Day. Now, as Brandon unleashes total war on the domestic energy industry, the price is up to $116 a barrel.

More than anyone else, Putin should say, “Thanks, Brandon!”

Another 617: “Got gas at lunch today in Watertown for $3.64 a gallon, which I thought seemed ‘low.’ Three hours later it was $3.93.”

From 508: “Got my car inspected & wanted to fill up afterwards. The price had gone up 10 cents in the meantime.”

From Maine: “$108 to fill diesel 2500 Ram truck last week, $141 today.”

From 781: “Working 8 hrs. OT today so I can buy me a tank of gas.”

Another 207: “Used to fill up my truck for $40. That’s not even half a tank now.”

Don’t worry though. Dementia Joe et al. are on the case. Jennifer Granholm, his energy secretary whom he sometimes calls “Governor” or “Senator,” says the administration is looking at “every tool available.”

God knows, the Brandon regime has more than enough tools on the payroll — Pete Buttigieg, Marty Walsh, John Kerry, Antony Blinken, Ron Klain, etc.

Let’s go back to the text line for a look at food prices:

From 508: “Sea scallops have tripled. And it’s Lenten season. Thanks Brandon!”

From 978: “Went to pick up Chinese food in Peabody. Sign next to register: chicken wings $15.95, baby back ribs $17.95.”

April 15 will soon be here: “I’m doing my taxes so I had to look up how my mutual funds are doing. Since Jan. 1 – OMG! What a disaster!”

It’s not only the prices of food and fuel that have gone out of control since Jan. 20, 2021.

“Just paid $50 for a 10-foot piece of PVC pipe for a new toilet. I know who I want to flush down it. Thanks Brandon!”

However, certain industries are in the chips now in this new error, er, era. Anyone who makes locks for gas caps — their market hasn’t been this robust since Jimmy Carter. And how about the companies that make the stickers with a photo of Biden pointing, along with the words, “I did that!”

Seems like you see those stickers on half the gas pumps in the US — as well as on prime cuts of meat in the supermarkets.

Dennis in Vermont: “Gas was 3.49 earlier this week when I was driving to work, at the end of the day it was $3.59. Yesterday, I thought, well, maybe it’ll go back down, but instead it went up to $3.99. This morning, when I drive by the same place, it’s up to $4.09.”

From New Hampshire: “My daughter just said that premium at Rte. 93 rest area was $5.69!!!! Cost her $75 to fill up her little BMW.”

From 802 area code: “Gas in Vernon CT $4.19. Joe did that!”

If you’re an American or a Ukrainian, there’s only one thing to say this morning.

Thanks, Brandon!

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