For Karyn Polito-loyal hacks, there’s no taming of the Shrewsbury

Calling all hacks, there’s a new way to get that lifetime appointment to that most coveted of all no-heavy-lifting state jobs, clerk-magistrate in some deserted district court in the boondocks.

You no longer have to waste months driving around some sleazy pol running for office.

You don’t have to spend every Sunday morning heading out to some statesman’s Dover estate to deliver tasty pastries and then spend the rest of your life explaining to people you meet why your nickname is “Doughnuts?”

Now, all you need to do to score that $155,084-a-year lifetime job is to coach the football team that the lieutenant governor’s son plays on.

Am I right, Lt. Joseph G. McCarthy, Jr. of the Shrewsbury Police Department?

On Wednesday, the Governor’s Council will vote on whether to confirm McCarthy, who has a master’s degree in “criminal justice” from the very esteemed Anna Maria College in Paxton, as the next clerk-magistrate of the Westboro District Court.

His sole real qualification is that he coached Lt. Gov. Polito’s son in youth football. Although he did have some support last week from Judge Steven Power of, where else, Shrewsbury. And God knows Judge Power was eminently qualified for his 2018 appointment to the bench – like McCarthy, he was a coach both in Shrewsbury AYF Football as well as Shrewsbury Little League.

At the State House these days, it’s one nationwide search after another, and they always end in Shrewsbury, the lieutenant governor’s hometown!

By the end of this scandalous GOP regime, there may not be a single friend of the lieutenant governor, in Shrewsbury or anywhere else, who’s not making $150,000-plus a year on the state payroll, behind which comes the pension.

Coach McCarthy is a big guy, but not exactly impressive. He reminded observers at his hearing of the old cartoon character Baby Huey, and one person said that after the hearing, he appeared close to tears by the very civil questioning about his utter lack of qualifications.

Coach McCarthy originally applied for the open clerkship of the Dudley District Court, the court presided over by Judge Timothy Bibaud, another Worcester payroll patriot whose daughter Ali, an admitted junkie and prostitute, was involved in the first of the many Worcester County-centric scandals that have destroyed the reputation of the Mass State Polcie.

Apparently Coach didn’t get the memo – the Dudley clerkship is reserved for Governor’s Councilor Jen Caissie, another close friend of the lieutenant governor from Worcester County.

Caissie was supposed to have already followed in the footsteps of Karyn’s BFF from law school, Sharon Shelfer Casey, who was just handed the clerk-magistrate’s job at the Cambridge District Court.

But there have been some… delays, shall we say, in Caissie’s payoff, so Wednesday she was chairing the State House hearing for Coach McCarthy.

By the way, Coach McCarthy’s sister has already taken her early retirement, as a judge in the East Brookfield District Court. She’s from Shrewsbury of course. She was appointed by former Gov. Deval Patrick after handing $1340 to his disgraced lieutenant governor, Tim “Crash” Murray, although she did hedge her bets when she was on the make for early retirement, giving $500 in 2006 to the GOP candidate for governor, Kerry Healey.

All these Worcester County hacks give big bucks to the same dodgy pols, over and over. Joe Early, Jr., the slimy district attorney, gets big bucks, maybe because all of these hack judges – Bibaud, McCarthy, Power – used to work for him or his predecessor, John Conte, or both.

And of course they all duked to Murray, whose shady career ended in scandal after a mysterious pre-dawn crash in his state car while going 108 m.p.h.

Birds of a feather flock together….

Coach McCarthy gave $125 to Crash Murray, $200 to Early, $100 to Polito and $50 to Conte.

The other hack who coached Polito’s kid and then was appointed to a judgeship, Steven Power – he gave $750 to his old boss Early, $725 to Crash Murry and $100 to Jen Caissie.

I wonder if Judge McCarthy and Coach Joseph G. McCarthy, Jr. are related to another Joseph G. McCarthy who’s “retired” in Shrewsbury. That Joseph G. McCarthy gave $1100 to Crasj Murray and $900 to Early, who used to employ the judge before she won the black-robe lottery.

Pops McCarthy did not return two phone calls Friday. Also not returning my phone calls were Coach McCarthy, Judges McCarthy and Power, Governor’s Councilor Caissie and Lt. Gov. Polito.

Was there a problem with phone service in Shrewsbury on Friday?

The vote on the coach is Wednesday. Three of the eight councilors will probably vote no, so the Democrats need one more vote to force a 4-4 tie. A deadlock would force Polito would have to break the tie and vote for her son’s unqualified coach. Good fodder for the 2022 campaign.

If I were, say, the state chairman of the Democrat party, I’d call Eileen Duff and ask her to embarrass Polito with a no vote. Assuming, of course, it’s possible to shame someone who has posed for multiple photos with an admitted drug dealer, money launderer and lying-under-oath State trooper named Leigha Genduso.

Career criminal trooper Genduso is from Shrewsbury, but you figured that out, right? Where else could she be from?

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