For Healey “Going Green” means spending your tax dollars

One of the first actions Healey took was to create a new six-figure job of Climate Change Czar.

While Rome is burning, guess what our Governor is doing?

Gov. Maura Healey was not behind her desk in the Corner Office or working with Sen. Peter Durant to amend the catastrophic right-to-shelter law.

Her recent efforts include junketeering to undisclosed locations, skipping cabinet meetings, pardoning potheads and creating a new “Energy Transformation Office.” 

Who knew our state was in desperate need of another government agency full of highly-paid hacks?

One of the first actions Healey took after being sworn in as governor was to create a new six-figure job of Climate Change Czar.

Apparently she figured that the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs was not enough.  Healey did not stop with the czar. She also created the Office of Climate Innovation and Resilience in the Governor’s office. Now the czar and her Climate Innovation Office are not enough. The Commonwealth needs a transformation office.

Healey’s definition of green is spending our tax dollars on hacks.

Keep in mind, none of these bureaucrats will produce any actual energy. No, they will just try to regulate – as well as tax and tax and tax some more – your use of energy. 

The new hack agency’s mission is to run a community-by-community de-carbonization strategy.  I am truly concerned about what this means.

According to Secretary Rebecca Tepper, the office “will provide leadership in strategic planning, roadmap development, and stakeholder engagement to advance the transformation of the state’s energy delivery ecosystem.”

What?!  Does this mean government hacks will be knocking on our door to check the settings on our thermostats? Will they be looking for those soon-to-be-proscribed gas stoves and air conditioners?

This is Healey’s focus?!

Anyone with common sense would be asking: How can the state be adding another agency full of payroll patriots right now? The Commonwealth’s revenues are declining as expenses for the unending hordes of illegal aliens are adding up by the millions and now billions of dollars. 

Our state’s coffers would be overflowing right now if Healey were not rolling out the red carpet for the illegals. We have all the new revenue from the millionaires’ tax and all the sports betting (at least until the “millionaires” can escape).

But she gave it all away!

Don’t you wish Massachusetts had a recall initiative so taxpayers could revolt at the ballot box instead of having to flee to a free American state?

No wonder Healey began a big-budget social-media advertising campaign this morning to burnish her alleged accomplishments as a “tax-cutter.”

Hold-It Healey’s favorability numbers must be terrible! They should be worse.

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