Felon’s flight shows Biden’s border policy in action

Buenos dias, Francisco Solano-Godinez, today’s poster boy for the Biden administration’s insane open-borders policy.

Buenos dias, Francisco Solano-Godinez, today’s poster boy for the Biden administration’s insane open-borders policy.

Until January, it was routine to deport violent foreign criminals as soon as they finished their prison sentences. The feds slapped a detainer on the thugs and grabbed them up as they were released from custody.

It was standard operating procedure — common sense. What kind of nation allows foreign career criminals to remain in a civilized society?

Lucky for Solano, common sense vanished when Dementia Joe Biden became president. When he was released from prison, Solano’s detainer was lifted, and now he’s vanished.

Call it the Biden bye-bye.

According to federal court documents, over the decades this 64-year-old Mexican has given arresting officers 26 different aliases, eight false dates of birth and three fraudulent Social Security numbers.

Not that it matters — certainly not to Joe Biden — but the feds say Solano was involved in a triple-fatality drunk-driving crash in Visalia, Calif., in September 1985.

“The defendant, driving intoxicated, was traveling approximately 99 m.p.h. when the vehicle’s front tire blew out causing the vehicle to strike two trees killing the three passengers.”

The OUI and vehicular-homicide charges were eventually reduced and he was deported. Less than two years later, though, Biden’s amigo was back in California, failing to show up for a court appearance for … speeding.

According to his rap sheet, the Mexican has also been arrested for battery, battery on a peace officer, fighting in public, receiving stolen property, shoplifting, vehicle theft, corporal injury to a child, possession of narcotic drugs for sale, assault with caustic chemical, threatening crime with intent to terrorize, etc.

If Trump were still president, Solano would have already been deported back to Mexico — for the ninth time. Trump was trying to regain control of the border. Biden likes it wide open.

Last month Solano was released from federal prison in Greenville, Ill., “and transportation was arranged to San Diego, California via taxi and bus.”

A taxi? What’s the fare from Greenville to San Diego?

Instead of deporting him, the feds handed Solano a first-class ticket back to the scene of his bloody crimes.

“His deportation detainer has been lifted by the Department of Homeland Security and he is going to be released and transported by bus to our district for supervision.”

Would you care to guess how Senor Solano’s supervision is going?

“His adjustment to supervision has been unsatisfactory to say the least,” the probation office told the judge. “He has failed to report to the probation office and immediately absconded from supervision. His current whereabouts remain unknown.”

This is happening everywhere. I recently received the official 42-page record of Solano’s latest all-expenses-paid U.S. vacation, because law enforcement is so exasperated at Biden’s destruction of every traditional safeguard against illegal-alien repeat offenders, not that they worked particularly well in the past.

In 1993, when Solano was arrested in San Diego for illegal entry, “the defendant told agents he knew it was illegal for him to enter the US but he did not care because nothing ever happened to him.”

Not only does he not work — not since 2006, he admitted — but Uncle Sap pays for his medical care — everything.

“The defendant’s medical records, more than 1000 pages, will be forwarded to the Bureau of Prisons upon sentencing.”

That’s from his 2018 pre-sentencing report. Solano’s probation officer wrote that the lure of still more free stuff might be why the criminal illegally re-entered the U.S. after his first eight deportations, five of them felonies.

“Although he did not disclose his motivation for committing the instant (most recent) offense, it is believed he was influenced by the lack of medical care in Mexico.”

He’s been in the U.S. for almost 40 years, but still demands an interpreter because “his first language is Spanish which he can read but not write. He learned to speak some English from inmates during periods of incarceration.”

Which is most of the time. In stir, Solano refuses drug and alcohol tests, and is cited for “insolence” towards the prison guards.

But wouldn’t it be a tragedy to separate this undocumented Democrat from his family? You know, like the son he was convicted of beating in 1999 with a belt, leaving him with “black eyes, bruising on his neck and thigh, as well as a large bruise the size of a softball on his torso.”

Earlier, he was charged in Merced County after his then-wife told deputies that he “poured gasoline on her as she lay in bed. Holding a lighter, he told her, ‘If I can’t have you, nobody will.” When she tried to run out of the room, the defendant grabbed her by the arm and stated, ‘We’re both going to die.’”

But the charges were dismissed, as they so often are with illegals, because … celebrate diversity.

In 1995 he entered the U.S./ at San Luis, Ariz., and provided documents claiming to be a U.S. citizen named Jose Armando Gonzales.

“Agents subsequently learned that Mr. Gonzales was in custody for murder. After 10 hours, the defendant admitted his true identity and that he did not have authorization to enter the United States.”

How will you recognize Solano if you see him?

“He has tattoos of ‘SOLANO’ and the Virgin Mary on his back; Jesus Christ on his chest; ‘GUERRERO’ and fighting roosters on his abdomen; three females and ‘Francisca’ on his left arm; a man, a woman and an Aztec woman on his right arm; a woman in prison on his left side; and ‘Guerrero’ on his left leg. He also has scars on his head, right eye, neck, abdomen and left forearm.”

Before his Biden bye-bye, the probation report noted that if he were deported for the ninth time, “it will once again be up to SOLANO to respect the immigration laws of the United States, something he has not been successful at.”

Which understates the case, more than somewhat.

Sadly, the chief probation officer in San Diego noted, “Mr. Solano-Godinez has undoubtedly breached the Court’s trust by failing to report to the probation office upon his release from custody. He failed to take advantage of his opportunity to remain in the United States….”

I disagree. Like Sen. Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, Solano seen his opportunity and he took it. Again.

Now, a day late and a peso short, a no-bail bench warrant has been issued for Solano’s arrest.

Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas are now looking for this foreign fiend — wink wink, nudge nudge.

“He has an extensive and violent criminal history. Given his propensity to abuse alcohol and controlled substances, coupled with his violent tendencies, he poses a significant risk to himself and the community.”

But what does Joe Biden care? He let Solano go, just because Trump wanted to deport him.

Francisco Solano-Godinez is part of the fundamental transformation of America.

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