FBI Head Christopher Wray, an Innovative Master in the Art of Stonewalling

Of all the terrible appointments Trump made, Wray has to be at the top of the list.

Donald Trump said this weekend that it was “probably” a mistake for him to appoint Christopher Wray as director of the FBI.


Of all the terrible appointments Trump made, Wray has to be at the top of the list.

Wray is nothing more than a Deep State operative with a badge, continuing to operate the sinister FBI as the Democrat party’s own Gestapo.

But Wray has accomplished one thing – he has taken the art of stonewalling under oath to previously unknown levels.

It used to be that when a thug didn’t want to answer an embarrassing question, his only real option was to cite his Fifth Amendment rights. Every gangster carried with him a dog-eared card he could always pull out in a courtroom:

“I respectfully declines to answer dat dere question on da grounds dat it might tend to incriminate me….”

It was left to Billy Bulger, the Democrat brother of a serial-killing Democrat gangster, to elevate the dummying-up routine to a new level. In 2003, called before Congress to testify under oath about the relationship between the FBI and organized crime (as if there’s a difference), Billy took the Fifth once or twice.

But then Bulger came up with a new comedy routine – amnesia. Total amnesia.

“To the best of my recollection,” he told the House committee again and again, “I cannot recall.”

Fifteen years later, a corrupt ex-FBI boss, James Comey was asked about the Russian collusion hoax against Donald Trump perpetrated by the Democrat party and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the FBI.

Comey did Billy Bulger one better. At a single Congressional hearing, under oath, Comey couldn’t remember 245 times. His go-to was “I don’t know” — 161 times.

Since then the Deep State alibis have expanded to allegedly protecting “sources and methods,” or “It’s in litigation.” But it was obviously time for a new dodge, and Christopher Wray unveiled the updated swerve Wednesday.

The  new weasel phrase is “ongoing investigation.” You already saw it in the brooming of the Hunter Biden one-man crime wave. After that case was totally swept under the rug, Hunter’s lawyer announced just that in so many words– that the case was over, closed, forget about it.

Yet the press release from the corrupt US attorney in Delaware announced that “the investigation is ongoing.”

Meaning, omerta, silence. They can’t say anything. It’s just more crooked Democrat cops taking care of their Democrat paymasters.

For my radio show, I put together a super-cut of Wray’s refusals to answer questions about the endless FBI crime wave he presides over:

“This is a very active ongoing investigation… ongoing criminal investigations… there is an ongoing very important ongoing special counsel investigation… I can’t discuss any specific investigations… as you may know there is an ongoing investigation… I’m not going to be confirming or denying who is or who isn’t under investigation… I’m not going to comment on or speak to who is or isn’t under investigation.”

Unless they’re Republicans. Then the bent G-men with their little pink-handled .22-caliber pea shooters leak it to their fellow Democrat operatives with press passes.

After Wray fled in his private jet, Rep. Thomas Massie went on TV and irritably suggested that perhaps Congress should make it an impeachable offense to say “ongoing investigation.”

When you’re lying under oath, you must mix it up – throw in the occasional changeup like an MLB relief pitcher. Wray proved himself a master of throwing junk.

Here’s another supercut from last week:

“I can’t remember the date… again I just can’t speak to that here… I’m not an expert… I’m not sure yet… I would have to see more closely… I’m not sure I can give you that number… I can’t get into that… I’m not aware of an any such evidence… I’m not gonna speak to that… I decline to comment further… I’ll work with the department to make sure what information I can provide… again, I’m not gonna get into that here… well, again, I don’t want to speculate… I can’t speak to specifics….”

Among the other FBI scandals and crimes he can’t comment on are “personnel matters” and “internal reviews.” He must speak “to the lawyers.” (I thought he was one.) If you ask Wray about a negative story in the press, he can’t comment because he hasn’t seen it.

As James Comey used to say, “I’m not familiar with that article.”

Most laughably, Wray claims must remain “consistent with our rules.”

The number-one rule at the FBI is, never, ever go after anybody named Biden, or more generally, any Democrat, antifa, BLM or transgender criminal of any stripe.

The other rule that stood out at the Congressional hearing Wednesday is that Wray can answer any questions from Democrat reps, but that all GOP queries are met with one of the endless variations on “ongoing investigation.”

But when waddling Jerry Nadler asked him about the “raid” on Mar-a-Lago, Wray had an instant response.

“It was the execution of a lawful search warrant.”

A Republican inquired about his Stasi agents’ outrageous treatment of a pro-life Pennsylvania dad. The Catholic (boy does the FBI hate Catholics!) was dragged out of his house for no reason other than defending his 11-year-old son from an ancient deranged Bernie bro outside an abortion clinic. Wray shrugged.

“I’m not going to second-guess the determination of the agents on the ground.”

At least not when they’re beating up a Catholic Trump voter.

They must have a class at the FBI academy in Quantico on how to lie under oath. The school is after all a very prestigious destination for crooked cops – the director at Quantico used to be John “Vino” Morris, who took thousands in payoffs from Whitey Bulger and in return tipped the Mob off to who was testifying against him, so they could be murdered in broad daylight.

One of Morris’ associates in the Boston FBI office, Zip Connolly, was also on Bulger’s payroll. Zip was convicted in Florida of being involved in an actual Mob hit on a government witness, after which he made a training video for the academy.

Like so many modern G-men, Vino and Zip are so crooked they need a corkscrew to get into their trousers in the morning. That’s why they’re still collecting their FBI pensions – they were after all just doing their duty for The Party, Democrats. That’s what the FBI is there for.

I’d say Christopher Wray is even worse than either of those guys – or any of the other FBI crooks out of Boston, including Peter Strzok. But what do I know about FBI corruption?

The investigation is ongoing.

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