FBI can’t be trusted

The FBI is a national disgrace.

If there were any justice, Congress would defund, disband and totally dismantle this corrupt racketeering enterprise that engineered the greatest scandal in American political history.

Then, as an object lesson to any future would-be plotters against the Constitution, the FBI’s hideous headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue would be razed and the ruins sown with salt. Finally, after a nationally televised exorcism, the entire FBI property could be paved over and converted into something more beneficial to society, like, say, a parking lot.

The FBI — it used to stand for Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity.

Now it’s Fabrications, BS and Incompetence.

Luckily for the Democrats’ secret police, the torrent of evidence pouring out daily about their seditious collusion with the Russians (yes, the Russians) to first fix the 2016 presidential election and then to foment a coup d’etat against President Trump is largely being ignored by their Democrat bum kissers in the alt-left media.

And we thought the Boston FBI office was corrupt!

At least six local G-men were taking payoffs from the mob. They framed four men for a murder they didn’t commit and packed them off to prison for 35 years. One FBI agent died in an Oklahoma jail while awaiting trial on murder charges in an organized crime hit.

The local G-men were ratting out their own informants to be executed, setting up mob hits, planting fake car bombs, providing protection for cocaine offloads in Boston Harbor. …

And yet, we now know, compared to the FBI’s Obama-era national leadership, the Boston FBI office comported themselves in the manner of Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties.

Here’s a recap: the “Russian collusion” hoax was cooked up by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which through cut-outs paid a mentally unstable former clerk in British intelligence $168,000 to transcribe a bunch of risible lies about Donald Trump from Russian operatives, after which he concocted yet more preposterous dreck out of whole cloth himself.

The Reds’ Brit stenographer then passed this scurrilous “dossier” on to the FBI, where it was processed by the No. 2 G-man, whose Democrat politician wife had just taken $700,000 in campaign funds from Clinton bundlers.

To sum up, the FBI colluded with Hillary Clinton and the Russians to try to frame Donald Trump on the false charges of … colluding with the Russians against Hillary Clinton.

And now it’s coming out — drip, drip, drip — that the entire FBI process of obtaining warrants in the secret FISA courts has been almost 100% fraudulent.

The Obama-appointed inspector general of the Justice Department randomly selected 29 surveillance warrant applications to the secret FISA court to assess the G-men for their, shall we say, veracity.

The verdict: 29 out of 29 sworn applications were as phony as a three-dollar bill. For some, there was inadequate backup for the allegations. In four cases, there was zero documentation. They didn’t even bother with the usual FBI m.o. — making something up about a Republican, in order to begin railroading him.

And those 29 falsely obtained FBI warrants doesn’t even include the infamous Carter Page FISA surveillance application. In that one, a crooked FBI lawyer forged a CIA document to claim that the Trump aide (and Naval Academy grad) was a Russian agent, rather than what he was, namely, a CIA asset for a decade.

FBI, FIB, what’s the difference?

Does the name John “Zip” Connolly ring a bell? He’s currently doing a 40-year stretch in state prison in South Bay, Fla., for yet another gangland hit, in Miami. (His prisoner ID, if you want to write him, is D34476.)

Zip used to brag about being a member of the Winter Hill gang. Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi were paying him so much blood money that he’d neglect to cash his FBI paychecks for months at a time.

In 1980, at the behest of their mob paymasters, the Boston FBI was planning to bug Mafia headquarters in the North End, to take out Jerry Angiulo et al., after which their gangster bosses would control all the rackets in the city.

The problem was, Whitey and Stevie moonlighted as hitmen for “In Town,” so their names would have turned up on the Mafia bugs. But if their names could be included on the FBI warrants as sources of information, they couldn’t be prosecuted.

So Zip instructed Whitey and Stevie to actually go to “the Doghouse,” so he could list them as informants on the application for the warrant. It was somewhat risky — if Angiulo had been paying attention, he might have figured out he was being set up by his underworld rivals through their corrupt FBI agents.

But the fact remains, as crooked as he was, Zip actually insisted on having actual, provable evidence that his bosses had been inside. Flemmi even drew up a diagram of the Mafia office. Connolly could have just lied and said he had some non-existent evidence, but he didn’t want to commit perjury.

Which proves that Zip Connolly, a convicted hitman for the mob, had more fidelity, bravery and integrity than any of his fellow FBI agents who tried to frame President Trump for the Democrat party.

Now Zip passes his final days behind bars in south Florida on the shores of alligator-infested Lake Okeechobee.

And those other corrupt G-men, who tried to overthrow the government of the United States, now pontificate on CNN as “intelligence analysts” and bank million-dollar advances for mendacious tomes about their courageous attempts to frame Republicans into the penitentiary on behalf of the Clintons and the Obamas.

End the lockdown and start locking these crooked FBI agents up.

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