Fani Willis drama must-see moment

You mean, the Deep State was trying to… destroy the evidence?

President Trump, please, I’m begging you, fly to Atlanta tomorrow for that court hearing on whether to disqualify the corrupt Democrat prosecutor behind that phony-baloney Georgia election-interference case against you.

Word leaked Monday night that POTUS might be heading to Fulton County, and it seemed like a brilliant plan. Then yesterday morning he decided instead to head to New York to attend another of the fake cases – Stormy Daniels.

But what Lawfare is trying to do to him in Georgia is far worse than that NDA against a porn star.

This Georgia persecution, er prosecution, by DA Fani Willis blew up last month, after it was revealed that she’s been seeing a lot of her (very) special prosecutor and maybe lying about it, under oath.

This Fani Willis scandal includes every imaginable juicy tabloid angle – cheating, that married boyfriend on her public payroll for $654,000, his scorned wife, a disgruntled business partner of the gigolo who can contradict Fani’s sworn statements, fake invoices (boy-toy billed his sugar mama for 24 hours at $250 an hour on his fourth day on the job), whistleblowers in her office lining up to rat her out, plus at least three ongoing investigations of the DA by 1) Congress, 2) the state of Georgia and 3) Fulton County….

You can see why state-run media is running in the other direction from this story. Another anti-Trump bombshell blows up in their hands.

The only way the Democrat stenographers with press passes could ever be forced to even mention this mega-scandal would be if Trump were sitting in the courtroom. Wherever Trump goes, they follow. Trump is ratings.

Whatever he does, they go after him like moths careening into a klieg light. They can’t help themselves.

There’s an old saying, a lie goes around the world in the morning while the truth is putting its pants on. Since 2015, alt-left media coverage of Trump has proven that beyond a reasonable doubt. This Atlanta case is just more of the same.

And none of the low-info, no-info Democrat voters know anything about what a con job the entire story is because the truth doesn’t fit the Democrat narrative.

That’s why Trump should be there in Atlanta, in the front row, scowling, his arms folded.

The judge says he hasn’t even decided if he’s going to make the lovebirds testify, but the law partner should be there. And then there’s the lawyer for one of Trump’s co-defendants who has the hotel bills from their tropical-resort love nests, where they shared a single king-sized bed, according to the credit-card bills that were filed as part of the divorce case.

When I heard the news yesterday that Trump might be in the courtroom I thought to myself, this might be his greatest tactical move ever, to force state-run media to cover the story.

But a few hours later, he changed his mind and is instead heading off to New York for another round of the Stormy Daniels case, brought by another corpulent, corrupt Democrat prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, a wholly-owned subsidiary of George Soros.

As ridiculous as the Stormy Daniels “indictment” is, the anti-Trump hoax in Atlanta is far worse. Because it was totally concocted by Very Fake News, in this case the Washington Post.

Trump was actually impeached over the fake story, which accused him of calling Georgia’s top elections investigator and ordering her to “find the fraud” because she would be “a national hero.”

The correction, two months later, grudgingly admitted, “In fact, he did not use those precise words.”

Precise words? In fact, he said nothing remotely like those words. But the lie was on its way around the world. In fact, the morning the Post ran the made-up story, the rest of Democrat media – NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN etc. – were all somehow able to “confirm” the quotes from Trump that the Post had invented out of whole cloth.

Excuse me, the Post later claimed its quotes were “based on information provided by a source… an individual familiar with the call who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the conversation.”

Familiar with the call? Apparently not. Of course, the Post never really admits it’s been caught making bleep up again. The headline on the correction was, “Recording reveals details of Trump call to Georgia’s chief elections investigator.”

Could Bezos’ stooges have made that headline any more boring?

You can see why the crack scribes didn’t want anyone to find out there was a recording, because the Post hadn’t even bothered to actually listen to it before running a story with what they claimed were exact quotes.

And then the fake story by Democrats was actually cited by House Democrats in their impeachment brief, because… Democrats.

The chairman of the Georgia Republican party pointed out that after the Post’s fake story, their anti-Trump co-conspriators “attempted to delete recording. It was recently discovered in a laptop ‘trash’ folder as part of an open records search.”

You mean, the Deep State was trying to… destroy the evidence? In this case, the exculpatory evidence. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

But hardly anyone knows about this particular frame-up, as opposed to, say, the Russian collusion hoax. In the media, the sins of commission may not be as bad as the sins of omission.

Now, the Democrats’ amen chorus is loath to blow the whistle on this breathtakingly brazen hoax. But if Trump were to be in the courtroom, at least some of it might start seeping out. Look how long it took for the Hunter Biden laptop to percolate into the public consciousness.

In Atlanta on Monday, Judge McAfee said the hearing on Fani Willis might go on for two days. So maybe Trump could make it on Friday, when the bad girl might have to take the witness stand, under oath.

Please, Mr. Trump, get Georgia on your mind. To paraphrase another old song, if you show up in that courtroom Friday, that’ll be the night that the lights go out in Georgia.

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