Expose corruption in the FBI and Justice Department

All right, now that the State of the Union address is over, can we get back to the nation’s really pressing business – releasing the FISA memo about the corruption in the FBI and the Justice Department.

I mean, last night’s SOTU was fine – mostly for what it wasn’t, namely, an endless string of Obama vacuities:

“Folks… fossil fuels… that’s not who we are… the planet… let me be clear… commonsense gun control…workplace violence… we may never know the motives….”

And what about those multiple Democrat responses – JoJoJo Kennedy, Maxine Waters, Uncle Bernie, not to mention the espanol respondo, as well as someone from the “Working Families Party,” 98 percent of whose members are non-working, I guarantee it.

However, it was a bit disappointing channel-surfing and not being able to find the Native American response – from either Elizabeth Warren or Chief Wahoo. And what about the non-GMO free-range artisanal transgender Democrat response?

But mostly, I missed the incarcerated Democrat Congressman response on the JBN – the Jailbird Network. It must have been because DNC chairman Tom Perez just couldn’t decide among all the party’s statesman emerti currently in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons – Corrine Brown (67315-018), Chaka Fattah (72340-066), Anthony Weiner (79112-054) or William Jefferson (72121-083). (Oh, that’s right, Cong. Jefferson was paroled Dec. 20.)

But now that the SOTU is in the rearview mirror, it’s kickoff time – let’s release the FISA memo, Mr. President. The Deep State is in pure panic mode. This investigation of the brooming of the Clinton email espionage probe as well as the dodgy dossier already resembles what happens when you’re in a dark kitchen on a summer night and you suddenly turn the lights – watch all those cockroaches scatter in every direction

This four-page memo outlining the banana-republic police-state tactics of the Obama administsration is the work of Rep. Devin Nunes, R-CA, or, as Nancy Pelosi called him yesterday, “Dennis Nunes.”

The Botox queen was so hysterical on CNN that she even turned on her fellow traveler, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, hissing at him, “With all due respect, you really don’t know what you’re talking about right now.”

Madame Speaker says the FISA memo just can’t be released, because, well, you know.

“They’ve already said not to release it!” she cackled. “The Justice Department already said it would be reckless to release it!”

That’s what criminals always say, Nancy. For instance, I’m sure ex-Sen. Brian “Multiple Choice” Joyce’s accountant didn’t want the feds unsealing the tax-fraud indictment against him in federal court Monday either. It was “reckless,” dammit.

The fact that all these Democrats and their crooked-cop friends in the FBI are about to be busted is driving them into ever higher fevers of distemper. Trump Derangement Syndrome will do that to you. You know John Heilemann, former partner of alleged serial sexual predator Mark Halperin? On MSNBC yesterday, he played Joe McCarthy to Dennis, I mean Devin Nunes’ Alger Hiss:

“Is it possible,” he screeched on MSNBC, “that we actually have a Russian agent running the Intel committee on the Republican side?”

You can’t make this stuff up.

Meanwhile, the memo is still under wraps for a few more hours. And it was reported yesterday that the just-fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is being investigated because he “appeared not to act for about three weeks” on the probe of the perv emails of one Carlos Danger (see above, BOP # 79112-054).

According to the Washington Post, the inspector general of the Justice Department is wondering why McCabe, a Bureau desk jockey and Hillary fanboy, was slow-walking the probe. You may recall, McCabe’s wife received $700,000 in cash in Clinton entities when she was running for the state Senate in Virginia.

So now the IG is trying to figure out the reason McCabe did nothing about the perv emails that would have embarrassed the woman whose friends gave his wife $700,000. Memo to the IG: McCabe had 700,000 reasons for brooming the case, and each and every one of them had George Washington’s picture on it.

One last point: McCabe is apparently lawyering up, a very good sign for all of us who aren’t crooked. I can’t wait until the DEA or the marshals start perp-walking these bent G-men out of the J. Edgar Hoover Building in handcuffs.

The SOTU is over. Let the games begin!

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