Everything Free in America, at Least if You’re Not American

Looking at the advance schedule for the Massachusetts State House is depressing. There are no meetings focused on fiscal savings, the economy or helping the taxpayers.

However, every week there are all sorts of meetings and hearings on new Democrat initiatives, most of which involve providing still more welfare for illegals, or draining our wallets, and making it ever harder to operate a business. 

Three weeks ago, the State House celebrated “immigration day,” by which they meant illegal immigration.  But it seems that celebration continues 24/7 with our legislators giving them more of our money.

Tomorrow the Feeding Our Neighbors Coalition rallies to push for S.76 and H. 135, which would restore state-funded nutrition benefits to “legally present immigrants” and cash assistance to “immigrant families.” Why are we supporting indigent non-citizens? Didn’t George W. Bush once tell us that they were only here to do the jobs Americans wouldn’t do?

How come the illegals don’t seem to be working anymore? They come up to Beacon Hill during business hours with their hands out, banging their tin cups. The old song in “West Side Story” is truer than ever.

“Everything free in America.”

At least if you’re not an American.

Remember when a legal immigrant had to have a job or a sponsor to come to the USA? Now we are putting them on the dole the moment they arrive. How likely it is that they’ll ever bother to go out and find jobs, since they know they’re now taken care of by their Democrat masters from cradle to grave?

I have an even bigger problem with cash assistance to illegal immigrants, which is being pushed by Sen. DiDomenico and Reps. Cabral and Garcia. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, Shaunna O’Connell is no longer at the State House to fight this!

While we are working, our elected leaders are funneling free cash to people who broke the law to come here and go on welfare in the “Gateway Cities” – gateways to welfare dependency.

It gets better.

On Thursday, there is the Mass Care Lobby Day.  This is a demand for legislation that will eliminate co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance and set up a trust fund to pay for health care for “residents and non-residents” who work at least 20 hours per week. Where is the relief for those of us who work 60 hours a week?

Reps. Sabadosa and Garlick and Sen. Eldridge are so stupid. That’s right, stupid! Co-pays were set up to stop the abuse of our health care system. When there were no co-pays, people were going to their primary-care physicians and emergency rooms for minor problems like hangnails, colds, flu, etc.

The deadbeats clogged up the health care system so much that people in real need were not getting the help they needed. Co-pays reduced the abuse. Now these morons want new taxes for a trust fund to pay for illegals and others in the non-working classes to clog up our emergency rooms.

The taxpayer abuse continues with a meeting of the Higher Ed for All Coalition.  They are pushing for debt-free public higher education, better wages and working conditions for educators and green buildings. These are nothing more than additional handouts to otherwise unemployable Democrats in the massively bloated Education-Industrial Complex.

We are going to have to pay for their college while struggling to pay our own tuitions as well? I would say that’s not fair, but what’s the point in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts? 

Better wages and working conditions for teachers? They only work nine months of the year! They enjoyed months if not years away from the classroom during the recent Panic, with full pay. How bad can it be?

We all know that this is payback for the teachers’ unions spending $23 million on ballot harvesting last November to deliver the Democrat victories, while Jim Lyons’ Republican party obsessed on unleashing private eyes to snoop on members of the GOP state committee whose only sin was wanting to actually win elections. 

If Democrats want green buildings for colleges, I would again suggest buying Honest Howie’s Carbon Credits. It is the best way to go green – and it comes with what Honest Howie guarantees is a personal hand-written note from a grateful polar bear or penguin, your choice.

Anyway, this is what is happening at the State House this week, and every other week. The hacks are giving away our tax surplus so that American taxpayers will never get another refund, as the money goes to their beloved illegal aliens who don’t work.

And they wonder why law-abiding citizens are fleeing Taxachusetts by the tens of thousands.

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