Enduring Biden’s corruption and incompetence

After stumbling off Air Force One, he vowed to “keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust.”

It’s Weekend at Biden’s now that Dementia Joe is back in the USA after what will likely be one of his last visits to anywhere other than his second assisted-living facility on the Delaware Shore.

Brandon’s junket this week to the Mideast was so catastrophic that even state-run media could no longer ignore his senile babbling.

After stumbling off Air Force One, he vowed to “keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust.”

He meant to say, “horror.” Just as he was supposed to read “hallowed” when he slurred out “hollowed ground.”

But there was so much more, and as usual, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

At least twice he called the Israeli prime minister “Mr. President.” He referred to “Palestinian counties.” He discussed the “United Avrab Ememirates.”

He referred to the birth of Christ as “God’s great grift to the world.” To be fair, grifts are something all the Bidens understand.

“At the same time, the Israeli uh the Israilty of today is not the Is Israel of 50 years ago.”

Can we quote you on that, Mr. President?

And then there are the Arabs he absurdly compared to the Irish under British rule, although no Irish ever vowed to drive their colonial oppressors into the English Channel, the way the Palestinians want to destroy “the Zionist entity.”

“The Palace the Palestinian people are hurting now you feel uh you can just feel it.”

Nonetheless, Brandon departed the Mideast with this heartfelt promise to both the Palace and the Israilty peoples:

“We’re never give up on the work peace.”

Earlier this month, back at his nursing home on Pennsylvania Avenue, Biden found time to present several Medals, which he called “Bedals” of Honor, “one postumitously.” Not posthumously, but postumitously. He said it twice.

One such “Bedal of Honor” went to a “staff cargeant.” Brandon read a citation about a hero whose “tropter” was hit by enemy fire in Vietnam. Another moved through battlefield trenches “for 35 minners, 35 meters.”

Brandon’s mind is failing faster than your 401(k), and that’s saying something. He mentions going to the Japanese embassy after the murder of Shinzo Abe to sign the “consolence book.” For reaffirmed he reads “reafformed.” His nurses write “protect,” and it comes out “provide.”

He recently talked about “all 50 straits and the District of Combia.” He keeps calling the FDA the “Federal Drug Administration.” First Biden called the Republicans the “MAGA party,” then “Ultra MAGA.” Now he says the GOP is “the MEGA party.”

Maybe, the way events are spiraling out of control, after November it will be the MEGA party.

Here’s more of Dementia Joe struggling to read what his care-givers have instructed him to say:

“That’s why when I came to office I reserved the policy I reversed the policies of my predecessor.”

“The same determination to preserve and persevere through every single challenge.”

“Whether it’s accelerating climate crisis dealing with accelerating climate crisis.”

“The United States has already funded a feasible feasibility study.”

“A patient comes into the emergency room in any state in the Union, she’s expressing experiencing life-threatening miscarriage.”

“Another care area key area where we can make big differences is in infrastructure.”

His inability to even slightly comprehend what he is reading is why Brandon gets instructions on the teleprompter, such as “Repeat the line.” But that too can lead to embarrassment.

Sometimes he just reads aloud his handlers’ directions: “Repeat the line.” At the White House recently, his stenographers went so far as to falsify the official transcript, so that it now reads, “Let me repeat the line.”

But he couldn’t even “repeat the line” properly. At that event, he was supposed to repeat something from the SCOTUS decision overturning Roe v. Wade. He totally bollixed it:

“Repeat the line. Women are not without electoral and or political or or let me be precise not and or or political power.”

He has also called “Roe” “Woe” several times, as in, “The fastest way to restore Woe….”

Was that another Freudian slip, as when he blurted out that Republicans have done “nothing to obstruct” lowering gas prices? (Surely he was supposed to read “nothing but obstruct.”)

No wonder his care-givers demand that he stay on script, as best he can. But like most long-term residents in the memory wing, he can’t help himself. Brandon just has to start yapping.

“I wasn’t supposed, I wasn’t gonna, they told me not to, I’m gonna do this anyway, I’m gonna tell a story, I went over to see Pope John excuse me Pope Benedict….”

A few more of Brandon’s Greatest Hits that you will never see on MSNBC or CNN:

“They believed in her they learned and they learned as a nation what they the whole nation has learned she’s the embodiment of the most the most of the single significant American trait: never ever give up.”

“This law also provides funding vital for funding to address the youth mental health crisis.”

“When tens of millions of womens vote this year they won’t be alone.”

“Your security the security is going to determine the security of Jewish people around the world for the rest of the world.”

“We made impredible comress progress on the economy from where we were a year and a half ago.”

“We face literally a moral choice in this country moral choice of profound real world real world implications.”

“We invest in each other we dream together we’re part of what has always been the objective we’ve both had.”

“Trillion billionaires in America, there’s 789 or thereabouts.”

“On Tuesday on Thursday I’ll bestow the Presidential Maid Medal of Freedom the highest civilian award to extraordinary Americans who embody and endure the enduring character of this nation.”

Endure — that’s the word of the moment. Somehow we must all… endure the enduring character of Brandon’s dementia, corruption and incompetence.

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