What Was in the Email I Got From the Puffed-Up Healey Committee

It must be nice to be a Democrat because you can say anything, and it get treated by state-run media not just as the truth, but as gospel.

This morning in my inbox I received a puff email from the Maura Healey committee patting her on the back for a job well done.

I kid you not! No joke, as Brandon would say.

According to Team Healey, “When Maura ran for Governor, she laid out a bold vision for how she wanted to build a stronger Massachusetts.”

Is Massachusetts stronger? I think not. Healey just filed one of the largest supplemental budgets ever for $2.4 billion, with a huge chunk of that money going to house the hordes of illegal aliens from the Third World swarming across our borders demanding handouts.

How does that make us stronger? In reality it makes us weaker in every possible way. 

Healey claims she has done a good job on affordable housing. She brags about creating a Secretary of Housing. That’s not housing. That’s an expensive hack job for another former senator (who’s not named Shannon O’Brien by the way). 

The email goes on to say that she “expanded rental vouchers for low-income residents” and “increased funding for emergency assistance.” Did the illegals vote for her last November? Because none of this assistance is going to our legal residents.

Once again, in the real world she has made housing unaffordable for low-income American taxpayers by giving away all the free housing to 6300 illegal alien “families” or as her Housing Secretary says, “a new small city of people spread across the Commonwealth.” 

Her other so-called accomplishments include:

  • Creating the nation’s first green bank. Just what we need — a woke hack bank doling out state funds to Democrat donors and bundlers for worthless projects likely to go bankrupt.
  • Appointing the first ever climate chief. Another expensive do-nothing payroll patriot.
  • Reaching new agreements with the MBTA worker’s union. I would hate to read the fine print. 
  • Protecting reproductive freedom. Abortion is already protected in our state constitution.
  • Successfully implementing licenses for illegal aliens. No one was worried she would not get this done. She’s even hired new employees and opened some Registry offices on weekends to make it even easier for the foreign freeloaders.  
  • Making our criminal justice system more equitable. Equity is when everyone does the time for the crimes they commit, even if they’re in protected classes.

Notice anything missing? I remember Healey promising in her campaign commercials to make Massachusetts more affordable. She also pledged to cut taxes. Anyone seen a tax cut?

And just in case you are still under the illusion that she will cut taxes, it is never going to happen, especially when she is filing supplemental budgets for billions, not millions, of dollars!

She is going to bankrupt the state and then send us higher tax bills to pay for the permanent care and feeding of tens of thousands of illegal aliens flopping here on their lifelong vacations.

Has anything gotten more affordable (for law-abiding taxpayers) since she became Governor? No! Electric rates have gone up 55 percent. Gas is still expensive. Taxes are still onerous. Nothing has changed on her watch. Oops, I forgot — if you are illegal everything is affordable. In fact, to repeat, everything is free! 

Let’s not forget that Healey promised the most transparent administration in the Commonwealth’s history. It is probably just an oversight that she has ignored GOP Rep. Peter Durant’s public information requests on the total cost of illegal immigration. However, we can assume it starts around $2.4 billion with the supplemental budget she just filed.

An email like this should be delivered in the evening so people can have a drink before reading this fantasyland crap.

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