Elizabeth Warren in big trouble now

Stick a fork in cold crab omelette — the fake Indian is all done now.

She speak-um with forked tongue one time too many, and now The Washington Post, of all places, has scalped her. The smoke signals went out last night — as early as 1986 she was lying on a Texas bar application that she was “American Indian.”

Lieawatha admit-um she talk with forked tongue, only she use white-eye language, calling it “furthering confusion.”

No confusion anywhere. You are an utter fraud. Fake Indian, you will have many moons to reflect on your serial lies. Never will you be great white father.

Never live-um in white tee-pee. Heap big fraud since buffalo roam the plain, blue-eyed squaw lie about DNA, to make-um more wampum.

So the Boston Globe story last fall claiming she’d never tried to pass as an honest injun, was as phony as a Kevin Cullen column. But hey, it’s the Globe — right, Mike Barnicle? Jason Blair? Patricia X. Smith? Why do you think the fake Indian went to a fake news rag to print her buffalo excrement?

Ugh. And that’s not the only bad news. The incredible bunko artist is busted on this morning. In an unrelated develop, Sen. Elizabeth Warren may be getting sued over some more of her despicable lies.

Because this time she put her shameful falsehoods in a tweet, not in an employment application to Harvard or UPenn law school. Hard to deep-six a tweet, especially one as perniciously false as the one she sent out last month about the Covington Catholic High School students who was accosted first by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites in D.C., and then by a nutty Indian — a real Indian, to be clear, but a fake Vietnam veteran, like Sen. Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal.

Here is the smoke signal Lieawatha sent out:

“Omaha elder and Vietnam War veteran Nathan Phillips endured hateful taunts with dignity and strength, then urged us all to do better.”

After “Omaha elder,” almost every word in that tweet is a lie, including “and” and “the.”

But it’s the fake Indian, so what else is new?

It’s odd, though, isn’t it, that Fauxcahontas can’t stop herself from lying about some high-school kids, but she was too PC to give a shout-out to the New England Patriots. I mean, even her below-average septuagenarian colleague, Ed “Mr. Frosty” Markey knows enough, to at least issue pro forma congratulations, even though he thinks they’re still “the Boston Patriots.”

This presidential campaign is not going well for the fake Indian. She’s lagging in the polls — even in the cheese shops of Harvard Square, even among her fellow swells in Cambridge who live in $2.3-million wigwams they bought with no-interest loans from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, I mean Harvard University.

Of course the fake Indian despises the students of Covington Catholic whom she slurred — MAGA hat-wearing white heterosexual Roman Catholics from tax-paying intact families. Deplorables.

Despite her total fraudulence as a human being, the fake Indian has enjoyed a free ride through her almost 70 years on the planet, or at least since she started a) checking the box, and b) re-registered at City Hall as a Democrat.

Being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry. Just ask Ralph Northam and Justin Fairfax.

But now the lawyers for those pro-life irredeemable bitter clingers from the Cincinnati suburbs are threatening to sue all the purveyors of Fake News — the NYT, the WaPo, CNN, NPR, etc. — as well as the Beautiful People in LaLaLand who defamed the high school kids.

The way things have been going for Warren, this letter from the lawyers for the American high school students may be the high-water mark, or high-firewater mark, of her campaign — her battle of the Little Big Horn, even though it will soon become Horseshoe Bend, or Wounded Knee. Tippecanoe and Warren, too — guilty guilty guilty.

In receiving a legal notice demanding that she preserve her communications, she finds herself lumped in with a bunch of Hollywood reprobates, not to mention the pederast-infested Roman Catholic dioceses of Covington, Lexington, Louisville and Baltimore, all of whom went after the heterosexual teenagers much more quickly than they ever did against their pervert priests.

Among the other Never Trumpers listed with the fake Indian: a Canadian “comedian” named Jim Carrey, who recently beat a lawsuit by the estate of his ex-galpal charging him with infecting her with multiple STD’s and introducing her “to cocaine and prostitutes.”

Then there’s Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-ISIS — who advocated for a lighter sentence for nine would-be jihadi recruits in Minnesota — wants to raise the top tax rate to 90 percent and denies allegations that she married her brother in an immigration fraud.

Then there are the icons of fake-news NBC: the ancient battle-ax Andrea Mitchell, tax-deadbeat homophobe Joy Reid, dim bulb Savannah Guthrie and Chuck Todd, Democrat operative and former flack for another stolen-valor Democrat hack named Tom Harkin.

Come to think of it, the fake Indian is probably honored to be in such esteemed company. At least until the libel trials begin in Kentucky. And when that trial ends, I can think of one word that the fake Indian will be uttering, not from a real Native American tongue, but from a Republic Pictures B western.


And when the jury returns the verdict, she’ll be asking her lawyers another question from an old Western movie about Indians.


As in, “How much wampum am I going to have to pay those horrible Trump-voting Roman Catholics from Covington Catholic?”

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