Elizabeth Warren has hit her ceiling

The fake Indian’s popularity seems to have a ceiling – a glass ceiling, she no doubt believes, on account of her gender.

But my contention is that she is actually butting her war bonnet up against a different ceiling — the BS ceiling.

The fact is, there’s only so far anyone as palpably phony as Elizabeth Warren can rise, even in the TDS-ravaged, free-stuff-grabbing modern Democrat electorate.

As Abraham Lincoln once pointed out, “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

The latest poll out of New Hampshire still has her mired in third place. Joe Biden, age 76, has 21 percent, to 17 percent for Bernie Sanders, age 77. The fake Indian, age 70, trails in third place at 14 percent, which ain’t that bad, except when you consider the free ride she gets almost everywhere in the media.

Look at the mass shootings over the weekend. Unlike his predecessor Obama, who was never blamed for anything bad that happened, Trump is somehow at fault for everything, up to and including mass shootings. I mean, was Obama blamed for, say, the Orlando Pulse shootings, or Sandy Hook? Of course not.

And now the fact that the Dayton murderer left a trail of mash notes to Warren (and Sanders, and the fascist thugs of antifa, among others) gets a good leaving alone in the press. It’s a media tradition. If you’re from Harvard Law, seldom is heard a discouraging word. Actually, never.

I talked yesterday to Dave Paleologos of Suffolk University, which conducted the new poll. The good news for her, he said, is that she’s the second choice of 45 percent of the Democrats in the sample. The bad news for the fake Indian, he said, is that almost of half of those who identify her as their second choice are now supporting Bernie Sanders.

And as we all know, the only way to pry Bernie out of this fight will be with the Jaws of Life.

Of course, the best news for the fake Indian is that free ride in the media. Remember last fall – oh wonderful, she has a DNA test that proves she really is an Indian. (Oh, never mind.)

Next meme: She’s got some really thoughtful proposals, you know, like a “wealth tax” of 2 percent on any assets over $50 million. Forget the fact that 30 years ago 12 industrialized nations had such a tax, and now only 4 do, because all the taxes led to were flights of capital and massive fraud. (Oh, never mind.)

Next talking point: She won last debate! She really did! Wait ‘til the new polls come out! Now the new polls are out… (Oh, never mind.)

So the new narrative is, despite all appearances to the contrary, she’s really good with people, specifically, Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Sixpack of Anytown USA. Well, we’ll find out this weekend when she treks to the Iowa State Fair. Think she’ll ask the Hawkeye State voters to talk her up in the cheese shops, the way she did in Massachusetts in 2012.

I wonder if she’ll ask for Grey Poupon mustard with her corn dog. Do they serve Michelob Ultra at the Iowa State Fair?

What a fraud she is. She attacks Fox News as a “hate-for-profit” network, and moments after the shootings over the weekend, she’s fundraising for far-left Senate candidates off the blood in El Paso and Dayton.

In 2004 John Kerry went to Ohio and asked, “Can I get me a hunting license here?” This year the fake Indian goes on social media and says, “I’m gonna get me a beer.”

From Dukakis to Kerry to Pocahontas – go ahead Democrats, make Trump’s day.

Well, she’s always got the Globe to fall back on. They conducted that “exhaustive” investigation to, ahem, prove how it was the merest of coincidences that her meteoric rise in academia began after she started checking the boxes. For a few hours, they even fudged the DNA numbers, to make her appear slightly less of a phony than she is.

These are the dog days of summer, so I guess it’s time for another story about her dog. The only question is, which one? Otis, the dead one, or Bailey, the new one. In case you’ve forgotten, the Globe has run puff pieces on both of them.

Whenever the going gets… ruff…. for the fake Indian, she blows the dog whistle, and the Globe comes running. Some things never change.

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