Elizabeth Warren can’t out-Bernie Bernie

You can’t out-Bernie Bernie Sanders.

That may end up being the epitaph of the fake Indian’s fading campaign for president. Oh sure, she’s still limping along, but at every turn, Bernie is just plain … out-Bernie-ing her.

However crazy she gets, Comrade Bernie gets crazier.

This is a battle she can’t win. To paraphrase President Harry S Truman, if you give people a choice between Bernie and Bernie, they’ll pick Bernie every time.

What happened with the Soleimani strike is only the latest example of Bernie’s ability to bond, viscerally, with every free-loading left-wing nut in the party, which is almost all of them, while the fake Indian again showed her tin ear.

Let’s go back to Thursday. It was already a terrible day for Lieawatha — Bernie was announcing another great quarter of fundraising, $34.5 million. Meanwhile, the fake Indian was holding off releasing news of her disappointing haul of $21 million, less than she took in the previous quarter, less than even Mayor Pete.

But then came the news flash about 30 Seconds Over Baghdad. She immediately tweeted out a statement that began:

“Soleimani was a murderer, responsible for the deaths of thousands, including hundreds of Americans. But…”

Do you see the problem with that statement, at least as far as modern Democrats are concerned? She was trying to be nuanced, shall we say, acknowledging the obvious fact that the world is a better place for Soleimani’s departure.

But her problem was, Trump ordered the hit. And anything that Trump does must be bad, not just bad, but horrible, terrible, the absolute worst.

When it comes to hatred, Democrats can no longer multi-task. There’s only room for one Great Satan, and he’s living rent-free in all of their heads.

Bernie instinctively understood what the Iranian strike was really all about — the same thing every other damn thing is about.

Bernie’s tweet began: “Trump’s dangerous escalation….”

That was all the moonbats needed to read. Bernie had won again.

How dare the fake Indian call Soleimani a “murderer?” Trump killed him, ergo he must be one of Nature’s Noblemen.

Since that first fiasco, she’s been flailing, once again, trying to out-Bernie Bernie. The next day, she called the genocidal killer a “high-ranking military official.” Another Fauxcahontas tweet described Soleimani as “a senior foreign military official.”

Of course it was too late. She was being lacerated once again by the Twittersphere. Some of it was pretty funny — “Go back to scamming rich kids at Harvard” — but most of the attacks were predictably unhinged.

“We need brains back in the White House. Not reckless testosterone.”

Remember Sen. Kamala Harris? When she quit the race, in one postmortem her staffers admitted they’d paid way too much attention to these kinds of lunatic tweets, usually made by pajama boys whose followers number in the high two digits.

But apparently the fake Indian learned nothing from the demise of her fellow woman of color. Sorry, correction, Elizabeth Warren is no longer a woman of color. I forgot.

Whenever a candidate gets into the kind of jam Warren was in after that first tweet, he or she tries to change the subject. So the fake Indian announced that she’s been endorsed by another loser candidate, Julian Castro. He was the one, you may recall, who pledged to provide free government-paid abortions not only to women, but also to men.

Sounds insane, right? Just what the Democrats can’t get enough of. Plus, he has the holy name of Castro. But once again, Bernie had already trumped the fake Indian. He’s been endorsed by AOC, who is of course the real leader of the Democrat party.

AOC is to modern Democrats what Tom Brady was, in his prime, to the NFL. Compared to which, Julian Castro is, I don’t know, Jameis Winston maybe, or perhaps Geno Smith.

Here’s the thing: Democrat voters trust Bernie. This is a guy who was thrown out of a hippie commune in Vermont in the early 1970s for being too lazy. In other words, he is one of them. Prattles endlessly on about the working class, but has never actually worked a day in his life — and he’s almost 80 years old.

How does the fake Indian fight that?

Back in the 1980s, as the fake Indian was flipping houses in Oklahoma, trying to turn a quick buck, Bernie was honeymooning … in the Soviet Union, stripping off his shirt and singing Woody Guthrie anthems.

In this election cycle, crazy beats sleazy every time. Which is why Comrade Bernie is mopping the floor with Harvard’s first woman of color (not).

Fake Indian, if you want to make it to Super Tuesday, heed my advice. It’s all about Trump Trump Trump.

Elizabeth Warren can’t out-Bernie Bernie And if you can’t say something bad, don’t say anything at all.

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