Election-Denier Abrams Now Heartbeat Denier

As we learned at the recent Senate confirmation hearings for the newest Supreme Court justice, some well-credentialed jurists are apparently not educated enough to define what a woman is.

But election-denier Stacey Abrams somehow has enough knowledge of not only obstetrics and cardiology but also sonography to figure out that everything scientists have told us for decades about fetal activity is merely a hoax perpetrated by men who want to control women’s bodies.

Moms, that Thump, thump, thump, you heard at your first ultrasound? The one you can now own as an MP3 file? That was not a heartbeat, silly! It’s just another patriarchal ploy.

Add heartbeat-denier to the resume, Stace. It can go right under “Semi-pornographic novelist.”

Abrams is relying on the post-Roe abortion issue to compensate for her lack of, well, everything and rile up enough voters to maybe actually defeat incumbent Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. Of course, she never really lost the first time around because the election was rigged and everyone who would have voted for her was disenfranchised, but, no, Democrats never refuse to concede elections.

When the fetal heartbeat begins is especially significant this November because of recent “heartbeat bills” passed in several states, including Georgia, outlawing abortion after 6 weeks—when cardiovascular activity begins. In true Marxist fashion, the Left will not debate when it begins; rather, they’ll dismantle entirely the definite, decisive, and conclusive convention of the heartbeat.

“There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks,” industry-plant Abrams educates us. “It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

A manufactured sound!

So your OB/GYN is tricking you when she tells you that there’s another human being living inside of you. Just like when Gov. Kemp tricked all those imaginary voters to stay home in 2018.

Right on schedule, the Party of Science fell right into line with Abrams’ new con. Definitions are already changing, 1984-style, and media outlets are scrambling to concoct some coherent chain of logic for the pink-hat gals to slap onto a posterboard next time they assemble.

Take Planned Parenthood, for instance. The site used to display facts about the baby growing inside of you before they’d make the pitch to convince you that you’re better off without her. Not too long ago, according to the site, the fifth week of fetal maturity meant the development of “a very basic beating heart.”

That same page yesterday?

“A part of the embryo…sounds like a heartbeat…but it’s not…”

Feminazi Susan Rinkunas at Jezebel hopped right on Abrams’ “science,” outlining a brand-new theory of the medical world’s just-discovered record of “misinformation.”

“For decades, pregnant people have heard their healthcare providers tell them that what they’re hearing on an ultrasound extremely early in pregnancy is the ‘heartbeat’ of a ‘baby’…It’s beyond past time that doctors start telling women and pregnant people the full story about…what they’re seeing and hearing on an ultrasound.”

This is all so very confusing for a woman, er, pregnant person.

Unfortunately for Stacey and Sue, another headline about pre-born human beings was making its rounds yesterday as well. A study at Aston University concluded that babies show unique reactions to different smells and tastes in the womb. “Babies” when it’s about kale and carrots. “Electric activity” when they hope you decide to write Big Abortion a check.

The Science Trusters must be exhausted. Vaccines don’t prevent viral transmission. Men can become women…and get pregnant. The heartbeat is a social construct, but the clump of cells is a picky eater!

What’s next?

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