Durham Report Says Origin of the Pee-Tape Hoax in the Steele Dossier is Proud UMass Grad Charles Dolan

It is now beyond argument that the greatest scandal in American political history was the Russian collusion hoax, a Hillary Clinton-financed insurrection against a duly-elected president by the FBI, Democrats, Russia and state-run media (but I repeat myself).

Compared to this vast left-wing conspiracy, Watergate doesn’t even rate a footnote.

The centerpiece of the monstrous hoax was the Democrats’ “Steele dossier.” And at the heart of that dirty trick was the so-called pee tape.

That was the allegation that future president Donald J. Trump paid Russian prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed in Moscow that the Obamas had slept on, and that a videotape of the foul deed existed.

Very fake news. And everyone of Putin’s puppets with press passes knew it, from Day One.

The official DOJ report on the hoax was released last week. The local angle is that Special Counsel John Durham has identified the Democrat operative who most likely made up the pee-tape story that was used in the attempted coup:

Charles Dolan, age 72, a proud member of the Class of ’74 at ZooMass who is in fact a member of the advisory board of the school’s political-science department.

Comrade Dolan is an insurrectionist’s insurrectionist. How Red is he? He has long been on the payroll of both the Kremlin and the Clintons.

I’ve been inquiring for more than a year whether this tomato-nosed reprobate is still lurking on the UMass “advisory board.”

Finally, after the scathing 316-page DOJ report was issued Monday, ZooMass grudgingly responded to my question Thursday:

“The political science advisory board at UMass Amherst has been inactive since the pandemic. Current plans call for department-level advisory boards within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (including political science) to be phased out and superseded by subject-focused task forces attached to the Dean’s Advisory Board.”

In other words, instead of firing this lifelong hack after his service to The Party, UMass just “phases out” the board to spare Comrade Dolan’s feelings.

Professional courtesy…. how ZooMass is it?

Dolan was lugged for OUI in Essex County back in 2013 after getting legless at a hack hangout in Newburyport. He lost his driver’s license for 45 days and got a CWOF — continued without a finding. Again, professional courtesy…

According to the Durham report, Dolan conspired with a sinister foreign national named Igor Danchenko to create Hillary’s hoax “dossier.” Among other things, Danchenko was an illegal alien, a suspected Russian spy and, wait for it, a drunk driver.

Considering Dolan’s squalid career as a puppet of Putin, it makes perfect sense that the DOJ report concludes that in Dolan’s dossier “a significant majority of the information was, in whole or part, Russian disinformation.”

To repeat: the DOJ has concluded that Dolan’s dossier was “Russian disinformation.” When are all those Pulitzer Prizes going to be returned, or confiscated?

In 2016, dodgy Democrat Dolan had been in Moscow, doing the bidding of his Kremlin-Clinton paymasters. In fact, he visited the hotel where the dossier would soon claim Trump had hired the hookers.

“So,” Durham notes, if it comes down to a question of whether Danchenko or Dolan made up the story, “between the two, Dolan appears the more likely source of the allegations.”

Under oath during the hoax probe, Dolan came down with the customary Democrat amnesia. Asked whether he’d made up the pee-tape story, Dolan “vacillated” and was “inconsistent.”

Putin’s puppet had no “specific recollection” of fabricating the fantastic lie designed to overthrow the Republic.

Dolan admitted making up other whoppers in the “dossier,” but the pee tape was the biggest one, obviously.

And ZooMass couldn’t be any prouder of Dolan! For one of their organs, the hackademics slobbered over him and allowed the Kremlin aparatchik to brag that UMass “is part of my DNA.”

Given his driving record, surely Dolan meant to say UMass was part of his BAC — blood alcohol content.

The hack writer added, “Being involved in politics in so many different ways has honed Dolan’s ability to understand political framing …”

Political framing indeed! Could there be a bigger political framing than trying to railroad the president of the United States out of office for something he didn’t do?

Once Trump became president, the Democrats were desperate to cover up their diabolical fraud. So they began an “investigation” run by a senile, shady, deep-state operative, Robert Mueller, one of Rachael Rollins’ predecessors as U.S. attorney in Boston.

Corrupt Mueller’s bent Democrat prosecutors quickly realized that Dolan was at the bottom of the hoax. So they ordered the on-the-level FBI agents to lay off Dolan, lest he flip to stay out of prison.

(The FBI also paid Danchenko $220,000 to keep his mouth shut about their hoax. Those hush-money payoffs ended in October 2020 — when it was too late for the alleged Kremlin operative to bust the Biden Crime Family before the election.)

All this came out at the trial of Danchenko for lying to the feds. He was acquitted. Once again, professional courtesy.

An FBI agent testified that she was ordered by her Democrat bosses to leave Comrade Dolan alone, that any criminal evidence she turned up on him “was not going to be used … I was very concerned about a national security threat.”

Even the Clintons had the good sense to cut their loyal minion loose after all his decades in their tawdry service. They issued a Mission Impossible-like statement:

“A longtime aide to both Bill and Hillary Clinton said she has no recollection of Dolan.”

But ZooMass steadfastly stood behind the dodgy drunkard.

Is it worth noting here that the $658,574-a-year president of ZooMass used to be a Democrat congressman, that his $364,689-a-year legal counsel is a former Democrat district attorney, or that one of the $480,569-a-year coat holders is a second-generation Democrat payroll patriot who used to run errands at the State House for the Bulgers?

Dolan seems to be gone (sort of). But my prediction is that he will soon be back in Amherst, as his fellow travelers unveil a plaque commemorating his remarkable service to The Party.

A perfect spot for Dolan’s pee-tape plaque would be in the lobby — or maybe the men’s room — of the school’s W.E.B. Du Bois Library.

After all, W.E.B. Du Bois was a Communist, a card-carrying Red who adored Joe Stalin and wrote that the USSR was “the most hopeful country on earth.”

A plaque in a Red library at his own fourth-rate woke state college would be an appropriate tribute for Putin’s pampered puppet.

Until the inevitable unveiling of his plaque, consider the strange case of Charles Dolan ’74 to be… continued without a finding.

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