Drug cartels in our backyard – just ask ICE

As President Trump could tell you – and already has, and no doubt will continue informing everyone — the drug cartels aren’t just murdering Americans in Mexico, they’re killing them right here, in New England and everywhere else.

Build the wall. Deport them all. Build the wall. Deport them all.

The same day that savages from a drug cartel murdered nine American women and small children near the New Mexico border, the DEA issued a warning in Boston how the same Mexican thugs were dumping mass quantities of fentanyl-laced counterfeit prescription pills on the streets of New England.

Most of the Mexican fentanyl around here is peddled by gangs of illegal-alien Dominican drug dealers – the Boston Police Department has said as much in its annual intelligence reports.

And most of the illegal Dominican drug dealers live in, wait for it, Lawrence.

As the US attorney for New Hampshire, Scott W. Murray, said last month when a “Lawrence man,” Sergio Martinez, pleaded guilty to multiple charges of heroin dealing:

“The evidence in this case demonstrates that Lawrence-based fentanyl traffickers have made huge profits from pumping large quantities of deadly fentanyl into New Hampshire. Mr. Martine ran a sophisticated marketing operation that served as a conduit between the Mexican drug cartels and customers in North New England.”

According to the press release: “On one occasions, the defendant was stopped by the police while transporting $400,494 in cash that he intended to send to the Dominican Republic.”

The Dominican Republic? Go figure.

At least 19 members of Martinez’s crew have pleaded guilty. Considering that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was involved in the bust, I’m guessing that most of them were illegals. Unlike the US attorney here, Murray doesn’t ID illegals, but we can say this:

Of the 19 who’ve pleaded guilty to heroin and fentanyl charges, 15 gave addresses in Lawrence, 2 in Haverhill, and one each in Methuen and Lowell.

Here’s a sampling of recent illegal Dominicans in federal court here in Boston on drug charges:

Last Friday: “Dominican National Pleads Guilty to Fentanyl, Heroin and Indentity Theft Charges.”

Last Friday: “Dominican National Sentenced for Identity Theft.” At the time Alejandro Yoel Diaz Diaz, 28, “was on probation out of Lawrence District Court for distribution of heroin in the United States citizen’s identity.”

Last Friday, in Springfield: “Dominican National Sentenced for Role in Large-Scale Heroin Trafficking Organization.”

Last month: “Dominican National Living in Lawrence Pleads Guilty to Possession of Fentanyl with Intent to Distribute.”

These Dominican illegals buy it from Mexican illegals. And it’s sold up here. Of course, not all Dominican illegals living in Lawrence are heroin dealers. Let’s go to another handout from the US attorney, on Halloween:

“Dominican National Pleads Guilty to Identity Theft and Stealing MassHealth Benefits.

That would be Ismael Robles Tejada, who committed his welfare fraud using a Social Security number stolen from a Puerto Rican to obtain a Massachusetts identity card.

“In October 2015, Robles Tejada, another “Lawrence man,” whoes used that Massachusetts identification card to apply for and receive over $17,500 worth of MassHealth benefits in the Puerto Rican citizen’s name….”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Again and again and again….

Do you think maybe Trump is onto something, wanting to crack down on this epidemic of illegal crime? They’re killing us here, and they’re killing us there, and now on top of everything else they’re grabbing on the arm, the Democrats want to give them… free health.

Actually, I think the illegals are already getting free health care, in addition to everything else they’re grabbing free in America.

And now Robles Tejeda going to get five more years of free health care – in the Bureau of Prisons.

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