Only You Can Protect Democracy by Donating to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute

Do you know how you can stand in support of democracy?

It turns out it is not by voting or serving our country in the military.

You can protect democracy by donating to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute. Who knew?

According to their latest fundraising email the Kennedy Institute is trying to “bring together the far right and the far left in search of common ground.”  I agree it would be nice to return to days where policy could be debated on its merits and what are the best interests of our country rather than political gain.

But the Kennedy Institute is the last place that is going to happen.  As we all know, the Kennedys have made it a family mission to use public service for personal gain.

How much did former Congressman Joe Kennedy II earn for his work with the Joe for Oil charity?  As I recall, he took home $109,000 from Citizen Energy and another $700,000 from related organizations.  That was so noble of him to donate his time for so little recompense.

I strongly believe that the growing anger in our nation would start to subside if both parties—Republican and Democrat—were held equally accountable by the media. We need a level playing field.

So is the Kennedy Institute going to call out the media? They could start with their favorite paper, the Boston Globe which recently referred to George Soros as a “Jewish philanthropist” after he was outed for pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars in dark money into a campaign to oust Bristol County GOP Sheriff Tom Hodgson?

I jest, of course.

The Kennedy clan has always been in bed with the media. How many Kennedy cover-ups have there been? Sen. Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne on Martha’s Vineyard in 1969. The aforementioned Joe Kennedy, now 70, was fined $100 for paralyzing a teenaged girl on Nantucket a year later.  William Kennedy Smith was accused of raping a single mother at the compound in Palm Beach.

The scandals are endless, most involving women. That’s why Howie can never retire. Even after the youngest Joe Kennedy did not get the royal treatment he was expecting in his campaign to defeat Ed Markey two years ago, there is no way the Institute will address the issue of media accountability.

The Kennedys cannot survive even-handed treatment by the media. First, there are bound to be plenty more Kennedy scandals on the horizon.

(Under Brandon, how many members of the clan are now State Department ambassadors or envoys of one sort or another. And by the way, if Joe III, also known as JoJoJo, is now posted to Northern Ireland but not dealing with the stalled peace process, then exactly what the hell is the redheaded twin actually doing over there?)

Second, if the media were to treat the Kennedys like Republicans, then there would be a lot of public pressure for them to pay taxes on the Hyannis compound which they still use without paying a dime.

If the Kennedy Institute mission is so worthy, then let the Kennedys write the first checks. Now that would indeed be a… first for what used to be called the First Family.

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