It’s Going to be a Helluva 2024 Campaign!

Donald Trump was arraigned yesterday amid great fanfare in federal court in Miami. But he’s already planning his response, as he told me on my radio show Monday night.

On his Truth Social account, Trump had promised, in all capital letters, that if reelected, he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate “THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY.”

I asked him how serious he was about such a plan.

“Well, they’ve opened up the box.”

A lot of the news about Biden’s dodgy dealings was known back in 2020 – think Hunter Biden’s laptop and all his prodigious documentation of payoffs to “the Big Guy.” But Trump’s attorney general, blubbery Bill Barr, got the vapors whenever he considered going after his fellow travelers in the Deep State.

“Look, Bill Barr is a weak coward and he didn’t want to do anything on this,” Trump said, referring to Democrat corruption in the executive branch. “And yet, in many ways, a lot of people, including me, said you know I get it. Because you don’t want to go after sitting presidents and vice presidents, so I sorta got it.

“But now they’ve opened up the Pandora’s box… Now we can do it because now the box has been opened. The Pandora’s box has been opened and it’s wide open so I’m allowed to do that. People will say now we get it.”

When we spoke, Trump had just landed in Miami from Newark. An hour or so earlier, Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa had taken to on the floor of the US Senate. He had shared new details about what would undoubtedly be the first probe Trump’s second-term special prosecutor would undertake.

That would of course be the alleged $10 million in payoffs the owner of Burisma in Ukraine allegedly funneled through multiple cutouts and fronts to Biden and his crackhead alcoholic son and admitted bagman, Hunter.

Grassley said that on the FBI document, the FD-1023, the paid informant said that the Ukrainian oligarch had claimed to have made 17 recordings of the Bidens, including two with the then-vice president before Joe pocketed his personal $5 million in bribes.

At first the FBI flat-out lied to Congress and said there was no such report. Then they admitted it did exist. So they showed it to members of the House, but not before redacting everything about the pre-payoff phone calls between Joe Biden and the victim of his shake-down.

Total corruption by the FBI. But what else would you expect from the Democrats’ secret police?

Fortunately, Grassley seems to have a real un-redacted copy of the crooked G-men’s report, so he laid it all out on the Senate floor.

I asked Trump if he believed that such recordings of Biden chatting up an extortion victim exist.

“I do believe it, yeah. I think they’re crooked people. He’s the most corrupt president in history… We’re like a Third World Country. There’s never been a period like this.”

It’s amazing what we continue to learn about the two-tiered system of American justice. We just learned from the Durham report on the Russian collusion hoax that the Obama administration, including Joe Biden and the FBI director, were briefed on July 28, 2016 that Hillary Clinton was planning to run a dirty trick on Donald Trump accusing him of being Putin’s puppet.

Three days later, knowing it was a hoax, the FBI opened Operation Crossfire Hurricane as the “insurance policy,” as the FBI called it, to stop Trump.

At the same time, the FBI got this credible information about $10 million in payoffs to the Bidens, and did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

“If that were a Republican,” Trump said to me, “if that were you, they’d have it in about two minutes.”

I asked Trump if it would be the end for Dementia Joe if the payoff tapes were ever produced.

“If they have them, that could be the end,” Trump said. “It’s not what they say, it’s what the media don’t say. It’s bigger than you think…. They have ‘em, they have ‘em cold but they don’t want to report it.”

Which brought him back to the topic of job one in a second Trump term. He gave Hillary et al. a pass, but as he made clear, he won’t be making the same mistake twice.

“We’ll be appointing a special prosecutor to go into all of this, because you know that whole thing is now open because of what they did. Nobody ever thought a thing like this was possible but it’s now open… I think they’ve overplayed their hand.

I asked Trump if he had a message for my listeners and viewers on the eve of his arraignment.

“I say to everybody, just stay strong. ‘Cause we’re gonna win it and we’re gonna make American great, make America greater than ever before because these guys have shot their wad. They have shown how bad they are.”

Shot their wad! I’d never heard him use that particular expression before. It cracked me up, ditto my audience.

I had one final question for POTUS. If he could speak directly to Joe Biden, I said, what would he tell his successor?

“I’d say Joe you’re a disgrace, that you could allow something like this to happen to your country, because it is so bad for our country. He’s a total disgrace and I’d tell it to him to his face.”

What a campaign it’s going to be.

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