Does the Boston Globe have a #MeToo problem?

Tweets from a former Globe writer raise questions about an editor.

A series of Tweets from former Boston Globe reporter Hilary Sargent have raised new questions about sexual harassment at the Boston Globe.

In December, the Globe conducted an internal review following employee complaints of the #MeToo variety. The paper generated controversy when it decided to withhold from the public the name of a longtime reporter it found had engaged in sexual harassment. Weeks later and after great scrutiny — mostly from talk radio, — the Globe outed the employee, John O’Sullivan.

“Time and circumstances in this extraordinary national movement have given us, or at least me, a different perspective,” wrote the Globe.

With that “note” to readers, the Globe thought it had washed its hands of all sexual harassment matters.

Now, however, Sargent’s tweets suggest that the Globe’s “internal review” was not thorough enough.

According to Sargent’s posts on Twitter, she once asked Editor Brian McGrory for advice about writing.

“What do you generally wear when you write?” he asked in response.

Will the Globe be conducting another internal review?

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