Dems’ crazy ideas

In a sane political party, this one photograph of the fake Indian, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, would have already ended not only her presidential campaign, but perhaps her entire political career.

Luckily for Lieawatha, she’s a Democrat, so… nothing to see her folks, move along.

It’s from the first Democrat debate in Miami Wednesday night, just after NBC News moderator Lester Holt asked for a show of hands from any of the 10 candidates on stage who were in favor of abolishing the private health-care system in the United States.

Only two raised their hands – New York mayor Bill DeBlasio, who used to live in the People’s Republic of Cambridge, and the fake Indian, Chief Spreading Bull, who still does.

But DeBlasio has no shot – thank goodness. Fauxchahontas has been rising in all the polls, since being left for dead last fall after her groveling confession that she’d been lying about her Native American “heritage” for more than 30 years, during which time, by an amazing coincidence, her academic career took off after decades in the tank towns of higher education.

Like her chief rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, she touts as her Venezuelan-like proposal as “Medicare for All.” In their workers’ utopia, all private health insurance in the US would be abolished. More than 180 million Americans, most of whom are more or less satisfied with their insurance (if not the cost), would suddenly be thrown on the mercy of a civilian… Veteran’s Administration.

Think about it — if you needed, God forbid, a hip replacement, to schedule the operation you’d be required to call the federal equivalent of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

It was left to one of the also-ran candidates, ex-Cong. John Delaney of Maryland, to point out the insanity of the abolish-private-health-insurance proposal. Delaney mentioned how his father, who had in the IBEW, had always loved his union plan, even after the passage of the most recent health-care God that failed, Obamacare.

“He’d look at me, and he’d say, ‘Good job, John, for getting healthcare for every American, but why are you taking my healthcare away?’”

Of course Obama et al. weren’t getting health care for every American, which is why none of these Democrats ever even mention the “Affordable Health Care Act” anymore, but never mind. Delaney then pointed out that he had been talking to hospital administrators and asking their bottom lines would be affected if every procedure had to be billed at the Medicare-required rate.

“Every single hospital administrator said they would close. And the Medicare for All bill requires payments to stay at current Medicare rates. So to some extent we’re basically supporting a bill that will have every hospital closed.”

Say what you will about Congressman Delaney – he won’t be back, for the next round of debates in September. How dare he speak the truth? He was lucky they let him come up on stage for one night – he used to run a business, for God’s sake! In modern Democrat politics, he was practically a war criminal even before his blasphemy on Medicare for All.

Last January, Sen. Kamala Harris endorsed this cockamamie scheme. Within hours, she was forced to backtrack. Of course she didn’t want to abolish the private health-care industry! Never mind! Willie Brown’s ex-gal pal had misspoken. She had committed a “gaffe.”

Five months later, the fake Indian says the same thing, and nobody in the alt-left media blinks. Some even declare her the “winner” of the first round. This is how fast the Democrats are moving left – next stop Caracas.

Rachael Rollins, the DA of Suffolk County, won a court decision to prohibit ICE officers from arresting violent illegal criminals in the courthouse. That seemed a bit much, no?

Now, this week, in Queens, a 31-year-old woman who describes herself as a “queer Latina” won a special Democrat primary for DA by calling for, among other things, the arrest of any ICE agents who appear in any of her courthouses.

What’s next for these people – putting a bounty on ICE agents.

Anyone who thinks the Democrats have lost their collective minds – please raise your hands.

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