Dems Crave Subsidizing Sloth

Here we go again!

I hope it’s just a trial balloon, but it appears that the usual Deep State suspects are trying to gin up another Pan(dem)ic, just in time for the 2024 elections.

Here we go again!

As bad as Joe Biden’s public polls are, the Democrats’ internal numbers must be even worse, if they’re playing the COVID card this far out from the election.

You may have thought Dr. Anthony Fauci retired, but apparently not. He’s still out there claiming the sky is falling.

“We are not done with COVID,” he said this week. “We know that.”

“We” being the Democrat party and the Red Chinese who concocted the virus in the first place.

The comrades employ the virus as if it was that old box with the fire extinguisher on the wall of a public building – “In case of emergency, break glass.”

This is an emergency, dammit.

Do you realize that millions of deadbeat losers are supposed to resume making payments on their student loans next month? Bummer, man, totally.

Between hits on their bongs full of designer weed, this is what Democrats are thinking:

Like, if we could just go back to pretending COVID is real, then we could go back on welfare and just get stoned and lay around, and not have to pay rent, or pay back our student loans.

Dude, we could get the free Medicaid back, and more food stamps for the munchies. Plus, bro, back then you could just make up a business and say you were shut down and them fools would just give you cash, hundreds of thousands of dollars, no questions asked.

Like, man, COVID was just a beautiful time. You could sleep all day and still have more money than ever for new sleeve tattoos and tramp stamps and braids and man-buns. You could even drive to the bar and get a double Mai Tai to go at the takeout window and the cops couldn’t bust you for an open container, man….

Dude, those were the good old days! Can we get them back?

This is the situation the hippies living in their moms’ basements find themselves in. Faced with the grim prospect of having to get a job and pay bills – it’s an “inflection point,” as one of CNN’s “experts” put it this week.

Most normal people realize what a catastrophe the lockdowns were, but the non-working classes want the good old days back ASAP.

Consider the teachers’ unions. Not all teachers agree, but if their unions had their way, the schools would still be locked down. I’m sure Randi Weingarten is already drafting a new COVID emergency declaration for the White House to use in shutting down everything.

The sooner we get that school-closing declaration out there, the quicker the “educators” can start booking their winter vacations in the Caribbean.

How about Peloton? Fitness bikes were so cool back during the golden age of COVID, but now they’re just a place to drape your clothes after a hard day of shoplifting, smoking crack and pretending to look for a job.

Headline in the Wall Street Journal yesterday: “Peloton Plunges 23% Amid Loss Warning.”

You think Peloton wants the lockdowns back?

The problem is, what the government subsidizes, it gets more of. What the government taxes, it gets less of.

Since 2020, the government has been subsidizing sloth, and fraud, and we’ve been getting more of it.

If they can get the lockdowns going again, Biden can flee back into the basement. Maybe they won’t have to get rid of Brandon after all. Sure, he said the Panic was over, but state-run media will disappear that video from See-BS News, just like they vanished the Hunter Biden laptop scandal until after the last election.

The Democrats’ commitment to authoritarian control is so complete now that it’s beyond ideological, it’s almost theological. They get off on lecturing us. Remember Charlie Baker’s daily noon press conferences?

The more shutdowns he could announce in that whiny beta-male whimper of his, the more euphoric he sounded. Same with all the prophets of Panic Porn.

C.S. Lewis described the twisted phenomenon perfectly.

“A tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive…. Those who torment us for their own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

And that’s the charitable explanation for their lust to oppress all of us… heretics or infidels, and by the way, that is the way they regard us non-believers.

Here’s another quote about what the Faucists are dreaming of at the CDC, the DNC and MSNBC.

“The leftist’s real motive is not to attain the ostensible goals of leftism; in reality he is motivated by the sense of power he gets from struggling for and then reaching a social goal.”

In 2020, the goal was to get rid of Donald J. Trump. Mission accomplished, temporarily at least. But for these lunatics, it’s never enough. The quote continues:

“Consequently the leftist is never satisfied with the goals he has already attained; his need for the power process leads him always to pursue some new goal.”

You know who said that? The Unabomber, believe it or not. Say what you will about Ted Kaczinski, but he did learn something at Harvard. There’s a lot of what he was writing about on display in the 02138 zip code.

Power is an addiction, the ultimate aphrodisiac, as Henry Kissinger said. The Panic Porn Posse are addicts, and what they’re addicted to is oppressing us.

All I can say is, include me out. I’ve taken my last Panic vaccine, and I’m not going to put a mask back on, not even my personal favorite, the one that says, “This mask is as useless as Joe Biden!”

On Instagram, someone who goes by the handle of Queen Petty Lexx summed up this new fake hysteria for all of us:

“We don’t give a (bleep) about no new COVID strain, United States government!”

They’re going to have to start the next lockdown without me or Queen Petty Lexx.

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