Democrats turning US into Venezuela

Once a fading memory in the United States, inflation is now out of control in the catastrophe that is Dementia Joe Biden’s America.

Once a fading memory in the United States, inflation is now out of control in the catastrophe that is Dementia Joe Biden’s America.

But let’s look on the bright side of Brandon’s double-digit inflation – it’s getting easier and easier to lose weight. As the Democrats attempt to turn the U.S. into Venezuela, consider what happened there when Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro got a chance to work their socialist magic.

In 2018, it was reported that the average Venezuelan had lost 24 pounds in the previous year, thanks to food shortages brought on by runaway Biden-esque inflation.

That was the good news. The bad news was that animals in the national zoo in Caracas were slaughtered by starving Biden supporters, er, Maduro and Chavez voters.

I recalled this underreported upside of Biden’s south-of-the-border dry run when I saw a quote from someone on state-run CNN following the release of Biden’s latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) disaster:

“Inflation is eating his presidency alive at this point.”

Good to see that someone, or something, is still getting three squares a day.

For the record, the CPI last month rose 9.1 percent, and the Producer Price Index (PPI) shot up 11.3 percent. But who believes the numbers are that low? A website called Shadowstats computes the true inflation rate, the way the feds used to before…Democrats.

According to the real calculations, inflation under Biden last month was in fact 17.3 percent, up from 16.8 percent in May.

Jimmy Carter is looking better by the day, isn’t he?

I like to check in with my listeners weekly on what they’re seeing in what remains of the robust economy Brandon inherited 18 months ago. It seems like a long time ago — inflation was 1.4 percent and the price of gasoline in much of the country was still under $2 a gallon.

Inflation, shrinkflation, shortages, shutdowns – I call this segment of my show “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Let’s go straight to the texts and the phone calls:

From the 978 area code: “The dollar ice cream at McDonald’s is now $2.27, and that’s when the machine is working!”

From 617: “I’ve been paying $150 a month for fuel to level out my cost for the year. It was a great plan. Got a letter last week saying my monthly payment is now $290 a month. Holy crap! What’s going on here?”

From 508: “You can’t get a 10-inch bar pizza on the South Shore for under $10 anymore. We used to pay $21.99 for 3 pizzas, large salad and 2-liter soda. Now it’s $32.99.”

Mike from North Carolina: “You know how you order chicken wings – 6, 8, or a dozen. Now instead of a price on the menu, it says, ‘MP.’ Market price. They’re pricing chicken wings like lobsters!”

From 781: “Kingsford charcoal 20-lb. bag now 18 lbs. Same price.”

People have slowly started returning to movie theaters. Let’s get some on-the-scene reports:

Mark: “My brother-in-law took his three young daughters and a friend to see ‘The Minions’ on Friday night. It cost him $93 at the concession stand for four little girls!”

A guy named Jack told me he went with his girlfriend to see the new Top Gun movie. He ordered a large popcorn with butter and the kid behind the counter told him they were out of butter. Out of butter! For popcorn! I asked Jack why he didn’t just buy some candy instead.

“I would have,” he said. “But they were out of candy too. All they had left was Sno-Caps.”

You know, that could be listed as one of the counts in Biden’s impeachment next year after the GOP takes control of the House of Representatives. Only Sno-Caps at the multiplex is either a high crime or a misdemeanor, probably the former.

Some of the ongoing calamities can be explained away, sort of. A guy texted to complain that a bottle of Sol beer had shrunk to 11.2 ounces. Apparently that’s a metric-sized container used outside the U.S.

It’s just that when you’re flush and not suffering through a dumpster fire of a brutally incompetent regime, you might not even notice that breweries are downsizing the product.

Back to the calls and texts.

From 207: “Saved a ton on food this Fourth. No one could afford to drive to my house.”

From 508: “Whatever happened to flounder?”

Chris: “I have gout. There’s been a quantum leap in what I pay for my prescription medicine. It’s gone from $2.75 a month to $15.”

From 607: “A bag of Utz chips was 9 oz., now it’s 7.25 oz. And the price is $4.19 a bag.”

From 339: “I went to a clam shack in Kennebunk. Four lobster rolls and a hot dog $140. Not including gas to get there.”

From 508: “Two sandwiches for $5 at Burger King is now $6.”

From 978: “My German spitz’ favorite dog food used to be $12.99. Now $17.99.”

From 207: “Tires on my Zero Turn lawn mower that I neglected to buy last year on Amazon went from $150 to $300.”

David: “Propane tanks have gone from $10 to $15. And no balloons at the Dollar Store – out of helium.”

Jeff: “Gatorade used to be a buck for 32 ounces. Now it’s $1.69 for 28 ounces. When you can find it, that is.”

From 606: “A 10-ft. length of 3/4-inch copper pipe last Oct. was $25. Two days ago, $42. Thanks Brandon.”

From 860: “Twizzlers were $1.50, now $2.99.”

From 978: “A gallon of hydraulic fluid for construction equipment – the cheap stuff – was $14.99. Now over $20.”

From 508: “Do you read the supermarket fliers anymore? I don’t, because there don’t seem to be any real ‘bargains’ in them anymore.”

Let’s go Brandon! The sooner, the better.

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