Democrats sure to keep chasing next outrage high after Georgia voting law

Our country’s woke social-justice warriors, cowardly CEOs and wealthy celebrities are all on the same side of an issue. How refreshing.

If you haven’t been following the Democrats’ crisis du jour, it very conveniently has nothing to do with the worsening situation at the southern border, even though the once-pressing issue was considered a “moral stain” under President Donald Trump.

Luckily, now that President Biden (who TV correspondent Yamiche Alcindor reminded us is a “moral, decent man”) is in the White House — well, liberals can stop pretending to care.

However, since the Boulder shooting and this week’s Capitol attack do not fit the liberal narrative, the media finds itself looking for a new shiny object.

Enter the Georgia voting bill that was recently signed into law. Or as Biden likes to call it, “Jim Crow in the 21st Century” and “Jim Crow on steroids.” Jim Eagle could not be reached for comment.

But what parts of the law do Biden and his band of race baiters take issue with? White House press secretary Jen Psaki highlighted one issue in a back-and-forth with a reporter.

“It also makes it so that outside groups can’t provide water or food to people in line. Right?”

Psaki is correct. But why would outside groups need to be handing out food and water to voters? Keep in mind, voters are allowed to bring their own food and beverages, they can even order food while waiting in line, so what’s the issue?

Herbert Hoover lured people into electing him with the infamous “A chicken in every pot” promise — but even those voters knew they weren’t going to get the chicken at the ballot box.

Another issue that the left is rallying around is that this law imposes voter-identification requirements for absentee ballots.

And who better to weigh in on the injustice of people having to show ID than the head of an airline. Delta CEO Ed Bastian released a sanctimonious statement where he made it “crystal clear that the final bill is unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values.”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s statement on Bastian’s hypocrisy can be summed up in this particularly cutting line: “The last time I flew Delta, I had to present my photo ID.”

Surely the “Delta family” will make it “crystal clear” that requiring “egregious measures,” like travelers having to present passports and licenses, will no longer be the status quo. I’m sure this racism does not reflect “Delta’s values.”

Coca Cola CEO James Quincey voiced his disappointment with the bill, too. And you know Coca Cola knows all about racism — after all, they encouraged their employees to try to be “less white.”

Next, Major League Baseball decided to move the All-Star game out of Atlanta.

NBC News wrote, “MLB pulls All-Star Game from Atlanta in protest of restrictive new voting law.” And HuffPost added, “Backlash Prompts Major Companies to Publicly Condemn Georgia’s Racist Voting Law.”

While I’m sure plenty of these wealthy white head honchos at Major League Baseball didn’t even read the law — they immediately caved and began parroting the media’s ridiculous and inaccurate characterization of it.

Conservative writer Stephen Miller tweeted, “MLB has created such an amazing situation. Every single city is going to be problematic for something here on out. This is going to rule so hard.”

Woke hall monitors will be deep diving for any reason to disqualify a city. Sure, a place like Tampa Bay might seem like a good fit, but then a Buzzfeed “journalist” will dig up its old tweets from 2007.

These holier-than-thou liberals are simply addicts chasing a high. They are never satisfied and are always looking for their next hit. Keith Olbermann, one of the pioneers in the MLB Twitter takedown, has already found one.

He tweeted, “BOYCOTT THE MASTERS! You think the term ‘The Masters’ was applied to a golf tournament in the former slave state of Georgia by … coincidence? After baseball moved its All-Star Game out of Atlanta, The Masters, its sponsors, and its tv networks are next. #BoycottTheMasters”

When a company folds to the unfounded outrage of a few misinformed nuts, they are forever at the mob’s beck-and-call.

Coke, Major League Baseball and Delta think that if they befriend the bullies that they will be safe from their rage.

Good luck to them.

There is nothing bullies enjoy more than going after easy targets.

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