Democrats spark an exodus of wealth from Massachusetts

One-quarter of the Massachusetts population is considering leaving the state?

One-quarter of the Massachusetts population is considering leaving the state?

Surely that number can’t possibly be true. It’s got to be a lot higher percentage than that.

This survey was commissioned by the Fiscal Alliance Foundation (FAF) of 750 registered voters in the state. It was conducted earlier this month.

“The poll asked voters if they are considering or have made plans to leave Massachusetts to reside somewhere else and nearly 1 in 4 voters responded that they are.”

Granted, the FAF is a conservative group, opposed to the so-called millionaires’ tax which will be on the statewide ballot in November. But I still believe the pollsters are low-balling the number of people who want out of this benighted Commonwealth.

When it comes to trending in the wrong direction, Massachusetts traditionally fights way above its weight class. During the Panic, under the abysmal leadership of Gov. Charlie Baker, the state was at times simultaneously number one in the nation in unemployment and number three in the death rate.

But an even better gauge of just how quickly Massachusetts is failing is the annual survey by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the migration of taxpayers and what the Wall Street Journal calls “aggregate adjusted gross income between states.”

Remember, this is only about taxpayers, that is, people who work for a living, who produce the goods and services consumed by the non-working classes, i.e., Democrats.

Massachusetts currently ranks 15th in population among the 50 states. But according to the latest IRS statistics, from 2020, it ranked fourth in the exodus of wealth — $2.6 billion vanished.

The only three states that shed more wealth than Massachusetts were New York ($19.5 billion gone), California ($17.8 billion), and Illinois ($8.5 billion).

See what I mean about Massachusetts fighting above its weight class?

We are getting poorer faster than a lot of the bigger states, like New Jersey (down $2.3 billion), Ohio ($1.4 billion), and Pennsylvania ($1.2 billion).

As to which states working people are fleeing to, you can probably guess. (Hint: they don’t have state income taxes.)

For the record, Florida gained $23.7 billion in wealth, with Texas taking in an extra $6.3 billion. In all, four of the top 10 fastest-growing-in-income states have… no state income taxes.

Coincidence? Isn’t it an accepted fact that whatever you tax, you get less of? And conversely, that whatever you subsidize, you get more of?

In Massachusetts, the current plan is to tax working people and to subsidize those who don’t work – especially illegal aliens.

Guess what we’re going to get less of, and more of.

The FAF survey was primarily designed to measure the status of the referendum question to impose a graduated income tax on the state. The hackerama has long dreamed of jacking up the income tax rate from 5 to 9 percent, but only on “millionaires,” wink wink nudge nudge.

Of course, if this folly becomes law, the “millionaires” will either flee or get under the threshold. Within a couple of years, everyone making over, say, $40,000 a year will be a millionaire, at least for tax purposes.

That’s what’s happened everywhere this grift has ever been run. You could look it up.

Which is why the six previous attempts to beggar the working classes on behalf of the non-working classes have flopped so spectacularly since 1962 – five times at the ballot box and once in the courts.

It should fail again this year, given the catastrophe that is the Biden administration. It’s looking like a red-wave year, but in Massachusetts anyway, there’s a problem with that GOP scenario.

The people who work for a living have already largely bailed out of Massachusetts. That’s what those statistics from the IRS prove. This soak-the-working-classes tax scam will just accelerate the exodus.

I haven’t seen Massachusetts voters this surly since 1990 when the Republicans swept offices few even knew existed. The only difference this year is that so many of the blue collars and small-business owners who fueled that insurrection in 1990 have since voted with their feet.

They’re in Florida, or somewhere else where you don’t have a target on your back if you have a real job. Thank goodness for the new technology of apps and Internet streaming – my audience can still listen to my radio show in Florida or Texas. And they do.

First, they departed Boston. Then they left the state. Those who have remained behind, or drifted in are, in ever higher percentages, hacks, trust-funders, illegal aliens, or some combination thereof. If they “work” at all, it’s at non-profits, or in some such similar parasitical, paper-shuffling, income-redistributing bureaucracies.

As the Wall Street Journal noted in its editorial about “The Great Pandemic Wealth Migration:”

“When states lose taxpayers, they lose tax revenue that supports public services. Democrats in liberal states try to compensate by raising taxes, which drives away more people.”

Which is what the “millionaires tax” would do. It would finally finish off Massachusetts.

But that’s what the state’s payroll patriots want. That’s why they’re all in for drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens.

Don’t you know, the undocumented Democrats need those licenses, so they can drive from their free public housing to the supermarkets where they load up on supplies with their free EBT cards and their WIC certificates, after which they head over to the free health clinic for some free health care with their Mass Health cards, before going to the courthouse to meet with their free translators and free public defenders, and then maybe off to the dentist’s office in the afternoon for some free dental care.

That’s life in the “gateway cities.” The problem with gates, though, is that you can open them to get in… or get out.

One out of four taxpayers want out? I’m going to say a lot more than 25 percent of the taxpayers in Massachusetts can’t wait to leave this Third World flophouse that the Democrats are turning the state into.

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