Democrats out to gut the Constitution

In 2016, the Democrats lost a presidential election they believed they were destined to win, and now they want to make sure that never ever happens again.

And to make sure those pesky Deplorables never get a chance to elect a president, here are just a few of the things assorted leading Democrats have been proposing recently:

Abolishing the Electoral College.

Packing the Supreme Court.

Lowering the voting age to 16.

Allowing illegal immigrants to vote.

Getting rid of the Senate filibuster.

Splitting up some larger, blue states to give Democrats a permanent majority in the Senate, plus giving statehood to the District of Columbia, producing two more Democrat senators.

Trying to keep the GOP incumbent off the ballot next year by requiring that all candidates release their tax returns.

Nationalizing some of the nation’s largest industries, including energy (the Green New Deal), health care (Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris among others) and breaking up the entire tech sector (the fake Indian).

I could go on — the late John Dingell last year suggested the total abolition of the Senate, for instance. Sen. Cory Booker suggested term limits for the Supreme Court. They’re into “ranked voting” and “harvesting ballots” — by which Democrats win seats after being outvoted on Election Day.

With every news cycle, they throw out a different proposal to gut the Constitution, but you get the picture.

The Democrats are apoplectic, their Trump Derangement Syndrome is out of control.

Too bad Democrats don’t read the Federalist Papers. The Founding Fathers didn’t believe in “pure” democracy. Their fear was governmental overreach. Thus, they designed a system based on separation of powers. The Founding Fathers were about protecting people … from people.

Understanding human nature, and history, they knew that pure democracy ends up working about as well as, say, socialism in modern Venezuela. (Google, “ancient Athens,” “Peloponnesian War” and “Syracuse, invasion of.”)

Remember in 2000, when the Democrats tried to steal the presidency in Florida, just the way JFK and LBJ did in 1960 in Illinois and Texas? That eight-week temper tantrum produced the wonderful bumper sticker — Sore-Loserman (a play on the surnames of the Democrat candidates, Gore and Lieberman).

But the failed Democrat coup of 2000 was confined to three counties in South Florida. Now they’ve got a nationwide full-court press on to “fundamentally transform” the U.S.

Consider the Electoral College. Back in 2004, George W. Bush won the popular vote by 3 million. But the Democrats somehow conjured up a fantasy that the election was “stolen” in Ohio, which the Republican incumbent won by 118,000 votes.

The Democrats kept complaining (probably still do, in certain neighborhoods on Martha’s Vineyard) that if only they could have flipped 60,000 votes in the Buckeye State, Kerry would have had enough electoral votes to become president.

Of course, he still would have lost the popular vote to Bush by 3 million, but so what? As long as Democrats win, the system works. Remember how Hillary was concerned that Trump wouldn’t accept his inevitable defeat in 2016? More than two years later, the Democrats are still trying to overturn their electoral loss.

This is how they think now. When they lose, their first thought is to get rid of whatever cost them the election.

One reason Trump won in 2016 was because of Americans’ fear of Hillary’s agenda. She talked openly about overturning court decisions protecting the First and Second Amendments. That’s serious stuff. Why do you suppose there were record firearms sales in the months leading up to the election?

Now, they’re talking about packing the Supreme Court — expanding the number of justices up to 15, maybe. In other words, the Bill of Rights is back on the table.

They don’t like freedom of speech — yours anyway. They’ve imposed speech codes on college campuses. They assault people wearing MAGA hats. They “shadow-ban” on social media and censor conservatives.

Attorney-client privilege — that’s out the window, too, as long as the attorney is Michael Cohen and the client is Donald Trump.

It’s pretty scary when you think about what the Democrats want to do to America. But they’re angry — I don’t think they’ve been this mad at Republicans since Lincoln freed their slaves.

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