Democrats look ill from too many ‘bogoda’ breakfast tacos

The wheels are coming off the Democrats’ wagon, and not just in Washington either.

The wheels are coming off the Democrats’ wagon, and not just in Washington either.

They’re losing it here in Massachusetts too, even though most of the attention is focused on the unprecedented catastrophe that is the Brandon administration.

On Monday, for instance, Dementia Joe Biden said that the Parkland High shootings occurred, not in 2018, but in 1918. He didn’t even correct himself. On the same day, his wife Dr. Jill compared Hispanics to “breakfast tacos” and mispronounced bodegas as “bogodas.”

And then there’s the vice president, who when asked by an interviewer about why the Democrats did nothing legislatively about abortion rights for a half-century, responded in her usual fashion:

“I do believe that we should have rightly believed but certainly we believed that certain issues are just settled, certain issues are just settled.”

Interviewer: “Clearly were not.”

“No, that’s right and that’s why I do believe that we are living in sadly um real unsettled times.”

Rather … unsettling, isn’t it? Even in Massachusetts, the Brandon regime is underwater in the polls. And despite the Democrats’ electoral dominance here, the local yokels are not handling his decline and fall very well.

Consider the ongoing statewide signature drive to put a referendum question on the November ballot to stop illegal immigrants from getting Massachusetts drivers’ licenses.

It’s a time-consuming process, rounding up 40,000-plus certified signatures by Aug. 24, so the Democrats have tried to make it even more of a headache by menacingly hovering around at least some of the signature tables outside public places.

Meet state Sen. Jamie Eldridge of Acton, a moonbat’s moonbat. If you take a good look at him, you will understand that this is not a guy you would want… lurking… around you under any circumstances.

Last Saturday, Eldridge was loitering outside Cabela’s in Hudson, a little too close for comfort to Rayla Campbell, the GOP candidate for secretary of state. Rayla was minding her own business, trying to drum up some business for her petitions.

Standing next to her card table outside the store entrance, Rayla finally tried to strike up a conversation with the sweaty stalker senator. And this was how he responded:

“I’m here just to express my opposition to voters, not to have just a dialogue with you so honestly you might just want to go back to your table.”

Wow! Isn’t that what they call mansplaining? Plus, Rayla is Black — a woman of color — and Jamie Eldridge is the whitest melanin-impaired honky this side of the fake Indian. And yet he brushed Rayla off like she was … Rosa Parks.

Imagine if a white male Republican had told a Black female Democrat to go back to her table. Can someone say hate crime? Misogynist much? Racist?

Like Rosa Parks, Rayla wasn’t going to the back of the bus. She kept trying to engage this pampered puke in conversation. And Jamie’s response?

“I don’t think you’re a constituent of mine.”

This is a guy who wants to give drivers’ licenses to foreign criminals but he can’t even deign to speak to the first Black woman in Massachusetts history to make the statewide ballot?

Then there’s Monica Cannon-Grant, endlessly lionized by the credulous fluffers of the Boston Globe and Boston magazine. Slobbered over by every Democrat operative with a press pass in Boston, Monica was at one point the proprietor of the top-grossing race hustle in the city, Violence in Boston.

Now she’s been indicted by the feds for fraud and conspiracy — basically, open and gross grifting. Her racket is kaput, and last week she lashed out at all her card-carrying fellow travelers in a 78-minute social media screed that has her amused followers calling her Monica Cannon-Rant.

Remember those enchanted evenings back in 2020 when Democrats got together to loot, riot, burn and shoot at cops in mostly peaceful protests? Monica sure enough does.

“I was poppin’ at the height of the movement! 2020. Everybody wanted a photo. Come into my building! Oh let’s partner on this effort takin’ photos from Julia Mejia to Ayanna Pressley – every last one of ‘em!”

Isn’t it sad, this Democrat-on-Democrat crime? I really believed the sisters were all down for the struggle together (Rayla Campbell excluded of course).

Then Monica Cannon-Rant let the lap-dog Boston media have it. She went after a person she identified as “Callie Crosby.” (Crossley perhaps?)

What you Democrats must understand is, if you attack Monica Cannon-Rant, you are nothing but a white supremacist. And that goes for all her erstwhile hagiographers at the Boston Globe.

“Y’all employ some of the most racist reporters in the city … Shelley Murphy and Angela Estes.”

Angela Estes? I wonder if Angela knows Callie Crosby.

Then there’s that federal indictment. She’s charged with stealing huge amounts of money — huge maybe to white supremacists, but not to Monica Cannon-Rant.

“Twenty-five thousand is not even minimum wage but it had every black person in the community outraged. $25,000! That is chump change! … That’s nothing!”

Once she got into what Tom Wolfe used to call “steam control,” Monica fled Roxbury for Taunton. But guess what — Taunton is as full of white supremacists as the Boston Globe.

“I live in a town where a lot of the people are nice but the truth is I ride past Blue Lives Matter flags and Trump supporters’ flags every day. I got ambushed at Stop & Shop and had to think twice. Why? ‘Cause I got a federal case and the last thing I need is for them to violate me!”

The G-men haven’t even issued the superseding indictment yet, and she’s already using jailbird lingo, like Dianne Wilkerson or Mr. Ayanna Pressley.

Monica said she’d leave her rant up forever, but an hour after she posted it, it was gone. But you can still see it at That’s a white supremacist blog, in case you were wondering.

That’s it for now, y’all. I’m heading off to the local bogoda for a breakfast taco. Might be a good place for Rayla Campbell to meet a few more mansplaining woke Democrat stalkers.

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