Democrats 2024 Campaign Roadmap Could Be “Another Pandemic”

It shouldn’t be long now. Just ask Dementia Joe Biden. “There will be another pandemic. There will be another pandemic.”

Being a COVID dictator means never having to say you’re sorry, or even that you were wrong.

They still won’t apologize. The Democrat hacks and frauds in the white lab coats refuse to concede that they concocted an utterly avoidable catastrophe, perhaps the most disastrous in American history.

They gleefully ruined millions of lives and businesses for one simple goal – getting rid of Donald Trump as president.

The problem was never the Red Chinese-created virus itself. That was manageable, obviously. The ongoing fiasco was created by the overreaction to the virus.

It gave the Deep State the excuse to what they’d long been fantasizing about for so long in their Marxist ivory towers and think tanks – drastically curtailing the liberties of the American people.

As Jane Fonda so famously put it: “COVID is God’s gift to the left.”

And it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Or so the comrades hope.

Just last week, Dementia Joe Biden made it clear what happens next:

“There will be another pandemic,” he announced. “There will be another pandemic.”

Because another presidential election looms. Ergo, the fellow travelers will conjure up another pandemic to assure that the Democrats get the same results next year that they got in 2020.

As “public health” begins to lay the groundwork for the next Panic, it’s no surprise that those who still have blood on their hands from the first calamity are still claiming that the first Panic was a tremendous success. (If getting rid Trump was the goal, I suppose it was.)

Dr. Rochelle Walensky was Fauci’s parrot at the Centers for Disease Control. Before turning over the reins to Dr. Mandy Cohen she Walensky had to appear before a Congressional committee one final time last week.

She was asked about the sinister collusion between “public health” and Big Tech to suppress wrongthink about the Panic. It’s now all out in the open – check out the Twitter files.

Another thing that’s become undeniable is that this Deep State collaboration with Big Tech had nothing to do with “disinformation.”

If you suggested on social media that perhaps the vaccine wasn’t all that beneficial (it wasn’t) or that the Red Chinese had released the virus (they had), then the Democrats put a target on your back.

For engaging in wrongthink, you could be cancelled, shunned, fired and denied federal funds.

Walensky was asked about her role in this unconstitutional abrogation of free speech. She refused to answer, citing “pending litigation.” I guess that’s to the COVID-industrial complex what “sources and methods” are to the FBI – a convenient mealy-mouthed excuse for not admitting criminal mischief.

Then there was Xavier Becerra, the not-bright secretary of Health and Human Services. He too was in front of Congress last week. Rep. Kevin Kiley, Republican of California, asked him a very good question:

“Did forcing two-year-olds to wear masks save lives?

To which Becerra first responded: “Did – I’m – do what?”

After Becerra kept refusing to answer, Kiley asked why the feds’ required organizations to enforce the pointless mask mandates.

“We never forced anyone to do anything,” Becerra lied. “(It was) just for jurisdictions that wished to get federal funds.”

Well, that obviously makes all the difference!

The appalling thing is, no Democrats dare criticize any of these COVID aparatchiks.

So Rep. Jerry Nadler, the tubby 76-year-old hack from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, came out in defense of mandatory masks for two-year-olds.

“Two-year-olds should have been required to wear masks. It would be child abuse for parents not to do that.”

In other words, it would have been child abuse not to abuse your child. Is that now the official position of The Party?

With Walensky gone, the new commissar of COVID will be one Mandy Cohen, whose demonic diktats drove North Carolina to its knees during God’s gift to the left.

This latest nominee of the nomenklatura has been interviewed on how she came up with her whimsical police-state lockdowns.

Cohen says she liked to talk to “Dr.” Marylou Sudders, another incompetent lunatic who worked for Gov. Charlie Baker when Massachusetts had both the highest unemployment rate and the third highest death rate in in the US.

Here is Cohen’s verbatim quote about her View-like chats with Sudders:

“You know when she was like uh are you are you gonna let them have professional um uh football and I was like nope and she was like neither are we neither are we um so uh you know, (we had) conversations like that.”

Cohen continued, giggling:

“I’d be like, ‘So when are you going to think about lightening up on masks?’ She’d be like ‘Next Monday’ and I’d be like ‘Okay! Next Monday!”

And now this valley girl is going to be, like, CDC director. Like, I’m very relieved, aren’t you?

Meanwhile, state-run media refuse to even consider the catastrophic toll created by God’s gift to the left. As you know, the Parker-Sudders administration overpaid billions in unemployment benefits after imperiously imposing those disastrous lockdowns.

But the Boston Globe is still alibiing for the worst public-policy decisions ever:

“It was the result of harsh, but necessary, public health steps that shuttered businesses and threw thousands of people out of work. It was the right thing to do.”

No, it was the wrong thing to do, because it was not necessary. It was totally unnecessary. Again, state-run media are telling their no-info voters exactly the opposite of the truth, which is lies.

The Big Lie seems to be working. Trump isn’t president and millions of Democrats still wear masks outside, even when they’re alone in their cars.

I had thought that the Democrats might wait another year before fomenting the next Panic. But boy, are Brandon’s poll numbers bleak in Iowa and New Hampshire.

I wonder if the people Fauci once called “Chinese commu – uh, scientists,” are working overtime in their Wuhan lab this weekend, cooking up God’s next gift to the left.

It shouldn’t be long now. Just ask Dementia Joe Biden. “There will be another pandemic. There will be another pandemic.”

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