The Deep State’s Special Counsels: One for Frame-Ups, and the Other for Cover-Ups

The special counsels who engineer frame-ups all target Republicans. The special counsels for Democrats cases handle the cover-ups.

If you want to hide something real good, just stick it in one of David Weiss’ law books.

In his investigation, David Weiss will leave no stone unturned, except of course the ones the Biden Crime Family is hiding under.

The Rich Men North of Richmond aren’t even trying to pretend anymore. The comrades in Biden’s Just-Us Department are totally in our faces with their breathtaking corruption.

All the crimes that anyone else – even rappers — would go to prison for, the Democrat Beautiful People now walk away from. And then they set up fake investigations to run out the clock on their obstructions of justice.

These scandals are playing out like a remake of some Seventies conspiracy movie like The Parallax View, or maybe All the President’s Men.

Only this time, instead of the Washington Post exposing the corruption, the newspapers are all in on cheerleading for the Deep State and covering up for them.

I don’t believe you could peddle a script about this unfolding scandal even to wokest Hollywood.

Imagine the pitch:

“Hey, we’ll take this bum whose father was a big crook himself. Call him Weiss. Weiss tries to fix a massive corruption case for the president’s crackhead bagman son and give him immunity from all future crimes on top of everything. But a hero judge busts Weiss on it. So rather than send the First Crackhead to prison, the president’s sleazy attorney general appoints the same Democrat hack who tried to broom the case as ‘special counsel’ to… investigate the same drug addict whose crimes he was desperately trying to whitewash two weeks earlier.”

Even Disney producers would say, Include me out!

There’s a memorable character in one of Jim Thompson’s novels, “Pop. 1280.” He’s a crooked, small-time sheriff in Texas named Nick Corey.

The first paragraph of the 1964 book could do double duty as the opening of David Weiss’ future autobiography:

“I had it made, and it looked like I could go on having it made… as long as I minded my own business and didn’t arrest no one unless I just couldn’t get out of it and they didn’t amount to nothing.”

Has anyone ever seen David Weiss and Sheriff Nick Corey in the same room together?

“I probably ain’t real smart – who wants a smart sheriff? – and I figure it’s a lot nicer to turn your back on trouble than it is to look at it. I mean, what the heck, we all got enough trouble of our own without butting in on other’s people’s.”

God forbid Weiss should butt in on the Bidens’ problems!

You see, massive government corruption among family members is a deeply painful personal subject for Weiss, although you’re never going to read about it in state-run media.

His father, Meyer Weiss, was a legendarily crooked IRS agent in Philadelphia. Meyer Weiss pocketed more than $200,000 in payoffs in a scheme that the US attorney in 1984 called “the largest single bribe ever uncovered” by the IRS.

Until now, of course. Until the bribery scheme that Meyer’s dear boy David is now in charge of giving a good leaving-alone to.

After his prison sentence, Meyer Weiss’ thievery went to a US tax court in 1995. David’s mother was trying to evade tax payments on Meyer’s ill-gotten gains.

A federal judge ruled that Meyer Weiss had used his bribe money on condos in Miami and Pompano Beach and to pay $71,020 for David’s higher education.

Think about that – dirty money from a crooked fed was spent on training a lawyer who then used his skills to fix cases for other crooked feds. Now it’s beginning to sound like a 1930’s Warner Brothers gangster movie!

But it’s not a movie. It’s reality.

Once again, Democrats have perverted what was supposed to be a “reform” – the office of special counsel – into an instrument of banana-republic police-state corruption.

It’s like the Patriot Act of 2001, which established the secret FISA courts, supposedly to track down terrorists. Now that secret Star Chamber has been repurposed not to prosecute, but to persecute… Republicans, and any other Americans who have the temerity to question the Deep State narrative.

Nowadays, the Democrat regime has split the job of special counsel into two different categories – one for frame-ups, and the other for cover-ups.

The special counsels who engineer frame-ups all target Republicans. The special counsels for Democrats cases handle the cover-ups.

Obviously, Weiss is in the second, cover-up category, as is Robert “Don’t Call Me Ben” Hur, who’s supposedly investigating Joe Biden’s classified documents.

Jack Smith is currently the most prominent special prosecutor in the frame-up division. His target is President Trump.

Occasionally, a modern special counsel can do double duty – handling both a frame-up and a cover-up simultaneously. Think Robert Mueller – his job was “probe” Trump’s Russian collusion, which didn’t exist, as the Democrats all knew.

That was the frame-up part of Mueller’s task. The more important chore was the cover-up – to use the phony-baloney probe to bury the inconvenient truth about Hillary Clinton’s hoax, and how the Fake News media knowingly promoted the Democrat lies.

Mueller was merely the front man, of course. The real heavy lifting was done by a guy named Weissman. This time the front man is Weiss, but he has plenty of his own Weissmans, like the AUSA who tipped off the Bidens to various elements of the earlier derailed investigation.

That Democrat operative’s name is Lesley Frieder Wolf and she’s a campaign contributor to PA Gov. Josh Shapiro. Her husband made 14 contributions to Barack Obama.

For their no-info voters, the Democrats try to come up with cover stories to explain away their Third-World style “just-us” system of justice. Thus, Mueller was a “Republican.” So is Robert Hur – wink wink nudge nudge.

And DNC protocol requires Weiss to be forever described as a “Trump appointee.” (Actually, he was a holdover, originally appointed by Obama.)

Weiss has already done yeoman’s work for the Deep State. He’s been dragging out the Biden investigation since 2019 – his hero Merrick Garland acknowledged as much Friday. Conveniently, the statute of limitations keeps running out one Hunter felony after felony.

Weiss no doubt wishes someone had done the same for his dear old dad.

And now Weiss won’t have to testify to Congress about how Garland Merrick stonewalled his probe, and then lied under oath that he didn’t stonewall it. Now, when Weiss is asked about the Biden broom job, he can just shrug and say, “Sorry, but I can’t comment… Ongoing investigation… Sources and methods.”

When you have a president as corrupt as Dementia Joe, you’re always needing more special counsels, of both varieties, cover-up and frame-up.

Who will be Joe Biden’s next “special counsel?”

Does anybody have Sheriff Nick Corey’s phone number?

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