Deep State going berserk over Musk’s bold move

If Musk wins, are the fellow travelers all going to move to Canada — oh, I forgot, they’re already gone. They all fled the country after Trump won, right?

I don’t know which part of this story I’m enjoying the most — Elon Musk deciding to free Twitter from its far-left totalitarian shackles, or the complete meltdown of state-run media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) over the best news since election night 2016.

If Musk wins, are the fellow travelers all going to move to Canada — oh, I forgot, they’re already gone. They all fled the country after Trump won, right?

As hilarious as their hysteria is, it really is frightening how much these fellow travelers and Beautiful People now despise free speech.

Elon Musk is being denounced on 99.9% of state-run media as a threat to democracy, which means, a threat to Democrats.

Twitter has become the card-carrying comrades’ Ministry of Truth. They have all become Big Brother. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (a Democrat) once said that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts.

Obviously, Sen. Moynihan died before he could be banned by Twitter and he would have been, because by Twitter standards, that above quote is (fill in the blank) disinformation, misinformation, hate speech or all of the above.

Axios, which is to the Deep State what Radio Moscow or Pravda was to the Soviet Union, immediately branded Musk a “movie super villain.”

Think about that — Elon Musk was born in Africa, and he is now an American citizen. Ergo, he is an African American. How dare Axios compare an African American to a movie super villain?

Will Axios now be banned-canceled-banished for the de facto town square, as Twitter was described by Elon Musk himself?

Joy Reid of MSDNC called her fellow African American a “brofascist.” But she’s never been banned, not even when her decade-old homophobic tweets surfaced. She claimed she’d been hacked by time-travelling trolls and asked for an FBI probe.

The investigation continues, I guess, because she’s still on Twitter. Kinda like ISIS, al Qaeda and BLM.

Here’s how the Twitter algorithm works: Anything that reflects badly on any Democrat anywhere, with the possible exceptions of Joe Manchin and Tulsi Gabbard, is immediately canceled and banned.

For example, any stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop, which Twitter said was Russian disinformation, until it wasn’t.

Merle Haggard’s first hit song was “All My Friends Are Going to be Strangers.” I could write a song of my own, “All My Friends Are Going to be Banned from Twitter.”

In fact, a lot of them already have been, and more are being proscribed every week. Just the other day, on my show, I talked with Juanita Broaddrick, who credibly accused Bill Clinton, another titan of the Twitterverse, of raping her way back when.

Juanita had 530,000 followers when she came up against Twitter’s “strike policy,” whatever the hell that is. She was instantly rendered a non-person.

Who else do I know who’s been banned? Well, there’s Tucker Carlson and the guys at the Babylon Bee. They both got whacked for having the temerity to say that Dr. Rachel Levine is a man, baby!

Another guy I know who’s been branded a non-person I actually ran into Wednesday night, at Mar-a-Lago. His name is Donald Trump

“I’m gonna be on Sean Hannity’s show tonight,” he said to me.

POTUS used to use Twitter to pass on that kind of news, and 70 million people would see it, instantly. Now he has to get the news out, one Deplorable at a time.

Trump is trying to set up his own service, but it’s not the same. Neither is Gettr.

Personally, I’ve had more trouble with YouTube than with Twitter. I finally moved to Rumble, after getting banned over and over again, usually after interviewing physicians about COVID-19. I never figured out how talking about the CDC’s own statistics with an M.D. was hate speech, and they certainly never bothered to explain.

See ya later, YouTube.

As for Twitter, I was once shut down for 90 minutes, but that was a special case. It was during the Whitey Bulger trial in 2013, and the only way to cover federal court proceedings in real time is with Twitter.

One morning at the courthouse, I was just acting as a stenographer for some particularly scintillating testimony. I was tweeting everything out as fast as I could type it up, maybe one tweet every 30 seconds for a long time, maybe an hour.

Finally, I got shut down, I think for 90 minutes. It was nothing personal, though. I’m sure it happens to teenage girls all the time.

The one time I ever got censured was one day when I found an ancient FBI report about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s late father, who had been the mayor of Baltimore.

Turns out, the FBI thought Thomas D’ Alesandro Jr. was mobbed up more than somewhat, and they’d reported that information back to J. Edgar Hoover.

So I tried to tweet out the actual report. But the tweet bounced back — any negative mention of a Democrat, any Democrat, even by the Democrats’ own secret police, the Fake Bureau of Investigation, is heresy … blasphemy … verboten.

I wondered then, and I wonder now: Has Twitter ever censured anyone who posted FBI reports about Republicans which, unlike the report about Pelosi’s late father, turned out to be untrue?

The Deep State is going crazy since Musk made his move. They believe in free speech, they say — as long as it’s their free speech.

The Washington Post is owned by the world’s second richest man, Jeff Bezos. One of his courtiers huffed and puffed that Twitter must be kept in the hands of Parag Agrawal et al. so as “to prevent rich people from controlling our channels of communication.”

Talk about lack of self-awareness. Jeff Bezos is now worried about “rich people” exercising their… First Amendment rights.

Can the Big Tech oligarchy succeed in shutting down this Deplorable assault on their media monopoly?

How are they going to try to destroy Elon Musk? I’ll tell you how — they’ll come at him “six ways from Sunday,” as Chuck Schumer predicted his people would go at Trump, and then did.

This will be a great subject of discussion … except on Twitter, where it will probably be banned as, you guessed it, Russian disinformation.

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