A CRUMBling Party

What is the definition of insanity? Making the same mistake over and over again?

Well, I think this qualifies. First it was Nancy “Thina” Pelosi. She compared the $1,000 bonuses people are receiving thanks to Trump’s tax cuts to “crumbs”. It was offensive and rude to everyone who was elated at getting an extra grand in their pocket.

But rather than blame the comment on misspeaking or a momentarily brain lapse (the ladder being VERY believable), Pelosi doubled down.

And then Debbie Wasserman Schultz chimed in with another out-of-touch remark. That $1,000 doesn’t go very far for anyone.

These people make Marie Antoinette look like Joe Six-pack. They couldn’t be more out of touch if tried.

But rather than learn from the mistakes by members of his delusional party, Chuck Schumer joined them in their idiocy.


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