Corporate bullying is out of control

Not only are the media in bed with the DNC, but now Corporate America is as well.

At a record pace, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) is adding new bedfellows.  Oops, I should say bed buddies.  Not only are the media in bed with the DNC, but now Corporate America is as well. 

Could this new corporate wokeness be illegal?  These corporations may be crossing a legal line by trying to silence the State of Georgia. 

While I don’t agree with the banishment of My Pillow by large corporate retailers including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, and Kohl’s, it is not illegal.  These corporations disagreed with My Pillow founder Mike Lindell on his assessment of the integrity of the November presidential election, so they have stopped carrying his products. They have a right to carry whatever products they choose just as Mike has the right to his opinion on voter fraud. If I were a stockholder, I would certainly be upset about their choices if it hurt the bottom line.

Unfortunately, the bullying of corporations has escalated to a whole new level of powerful threats.

No one can question the freedom of corporations to move their points of sale and their headquarters. It is done all the time. However, it usually reflects favorable tax policy and economic incentives that affect their profits. But now we are entering terra incognito — threats based on policies that have nothing to do with the operations of a corporation.

By law, corporations are prohibited from contributing in connection to elections.  See below the Federal Election Commission rules:

The Federal Election Campaign Act prohibits corporations and labor organizations from making contributions in connection with federal elections. (A corporation or labor organization may pay the expenses of setting up, administering and soliciting contributions for its own political committee, called a separate segregated fund (SSF or PAC). A party committee may accept contributions from a corporate or labor PAC registered with the FEC.) This prohibition applies to all types of incorporated organizations, except political committees that incorporate only for liability purposes. National banks and federally chartered corporations, such as federal savings and loan associations, are prohibited from making contributions in connection with state and local as well as federal elections.  

This new corporate wokeness bullying begs the question: Have these corporations now crossed a line of making in-kind donations to the DNC?

Election integrity has nothing to do with flying airliners, throwing baseballs or producing soda and razors. It doesn’t affect corporate profits or how they conduct business. Delta, MLB and Coke have no reason to pressure the State of Georgia. Yet they are using corporate dollars to promote the lies of President Biden and the DNC. It appears to be an in-kind contribution designed to help Democrats keep the path to voter fraud operating. 

Not one of the statements made by these corporations have said it was from their PAC. It has been coming directly from their corporate headquarters. 

Where are they getting their talking points?  Clearly, they did not read the Georgia legislation.  If they had, they would know that Biden lied.  Even the Washington Post called out his lie. So it is very plausible that they are coordinating with the DNC.

We see it all the time with the lame-stream media spewing the same garbage as the Democrats. Why wouldn’t the DNC now ask these corporations to pile on as well?

Hence, the GOP should ask the FEC to investigate. I would certainly love to see if there are any communications between these corporations and the DNC. Wouldn’t you? If so, the DNC is receiving anin-kind corporate help and thus they are breaking the law. 

We also need to do our part by not investing in these corporations or buying their products. They need to know that more than 50 percent don’t want the US to become a banana republic.

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