Time Spent Watching Gutsy is Time I’ll Never Get Back

At least they warn you in the title: Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s Gutsy guarantees a visceral reaction.

Perhaps I was subconsciously seeking some sort of punishment. Or maybe I was feeling incredibly charitable, thinking of how I could best serve you, dear reader. So I subjected myself to pure torture: I signed up for an Apple TV subscription (the free trial, don’t worry) and clicked on the Clinton gals’ new show.

In Gutsy, the 2016 presidential runner-up is joined by her slightly less insufferable daughter in an eight-episode series highlighting the wokest of women and their alleged achievements scandalizing society and deconstructing the nation.

Every episode opens with a patronizing scene that futilely attempts to make the smug multi-millionaires appear normal. The Clinton women are not surrounded by private security—or, in Hillary’s case, Secret Service. Those daffy Democrat dames are making impulsive food truck purchases in the safer neighborhoods on the East Side of Manhattan. Bonding over wholesome family memories and Chelsea’s childhood quirks.


Each chapter’s goal is to shine a spotlight on a handful of women—even though chromosome tests on the featured players might prove, well, inconclusive, such as in the episodes featuring, say, transgender vlogger Natalie Wynn or drag queen “Symone.”

Whatever, the Clintons have pronounced them “gutsy.” If you’re wondering what that means exactly, I regret to inform you that it’s never really defined. Rather, every episode contains a quasi-syllogistic theme that instructs a birthing person how to be gutsy.

“Gutsy Women Are Forces of Nature.”

“Gutsy Women Seek Justice.”

“Gutsy Women Are Rebel Hearts.”

Still confused? Let me spell it out: Gutsy women subscribe to Leftism and vote Democrat.

The Clintons join one or more of these women—or men—to discuss the most vulgar aspects of their public careers while performing an obscure, elitist, or outrageous activity.

In Episode 2, the duo paints landscapes with rapper Megan Thee Stallion as they discuss her biggest hit, “WAP.” Miss Thee Stallion’s art skills are about as refined as her lyrics.

Later, the former First Family skirts host a “Hate Brunch” with anti-gun lobbyist Shannon Watts, ultra-woke “reporter” Jemele Hill, and self-described comedienne Negin Farsad. Props to Chelsea for making it to the end of the meal; if I were with that quartet, I’d lose my appetite.

Drag prom—shudder. Storytelling, finger snapping and all—wince. Bowling—okay, that one wasn’t so bad. But the BEST undertaking was Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s attending a Parisian clown school to learn how to make people laugh.

Spoiler alert: they still aren’t funny.

If the true goal of Gutsy were documenting the feats of today’s inspiring women, they passed over millions of more deserving candidates in their uber-woke casting call. The actual selections range from lackluster to offensive, and their accomplishments are few and far between.

So why was this highly unnecessary, incredibly expensive display of depravity and ridiculousness produced?

To mess with you.

The Clintons and their pervasive PC posse stretching from Hollywood to D.C. want to get in your face and… flaunt It, whatever It really is. When it comes to womanhood, they say, forget decency, decorum, and two x chromosomes. Deplorables, your women are so yesterday.

The New World Order’s “woman” is explicit and obscene, not to mention entirely gender-fluid. If you aren’t a gutsy woman—one who demands abolition of the NRA and imprisonment of Donald Trump, or who at the very least has “WAP” downloaded on her phone—you’re a bigot. Simple as that.

Another theory: at age 74, Hillary is just itching for one final presidential bid, and fantasizes that her allegedly self-deprecating laughter at Twitter memes about herself for Apple TV customers might somehow increase her likability. At this point, we know anything would increase her likability.

After placing my eyes and ears at the mercy of this production, I have determined, if I never make the “gutsy” cut, I think I’ll be okay.

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