Charlie Baker’s Trump Derangement Syndrome reaches all-time lows

Gov. Charlie Baker needs an intervention from his friends — if he still has any — to get him to deal with his full-blown case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Gov. Charlie Baker needs an intervention from his friends — if he still has any — to get him to deal with his full-blown case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

In case you missed it (and his amen chorus in the Boston media tried to make sure you did), the failed politician known as “Charlie Parker” went utterly off the rails this week lying about the man he blames for ending his squalid political career.

On Thursday, on the first anniversary of a trespassing spree in the District of Columbia, Tall Deval fired out this incendiary press release:

“The despicable attempt on the part of former President Trump and his allies to undo what generations of Americans fought and died for, the right to free and fair elections, will stain this nation’s history forever.”

For the record, the death toll in DC was exactly one — a Trump-supporting member of a protected class (a woman) gunned down in cold blood by a police officer.

In other words, 75 fewer Americans died that day than in Charlie Parker’s Holyoke Soldiers Home due to his hack-infested administration’s mis-, mal- and nonfeasance.

Here’s a different comparative statistic.

To repeat, on Jan. 6 one person was killed — say her name, Ashli Babbitt! — which is six fewer than the number of Americans who perished in New Hampshire in 2019, when a foreign career criminal slammed into them while allegedly driving intoxicated.

That alien drifter shouldn’t have been driving. But Charlie Parker’s hacks at the Registry of Motor Vehicles couldn’t be bothered to pull his Massachusetts driver’s license, because, according to a report commissioned by the governor himself, his minions had been too busy trying to track down the source of an odiferous flatulence cloud in the RMV’s Quincy offices.

Holyoke Soldiers Home? The Registry fart patrol? Together, the death toll is 83, and Charlie says nothing to see here folks, move along.

But wait, his virtue-signaling Jan. 6 message got much worse. After his fib about Capitol Police officers dying that day, the governor threw out this whopper:

“One of those officers who lost his life that day was William Evans, a North Adams native who tragically leaves a beautiful family.”

Actually, Evans didn’t die until more than two months later. He was murdered not by a Trump supporter, but by a black Nation of Islam follower consumed by Democrat anti-police hate speech. Somebody, in other words, like those “mostly peaceful” protesters in Boston who fired 12 rounds at cops on Tremont Street in May 2020, after looting and burning a wide swath of the Back Bay from the Common all the way to Mass. Ave., causing millions of dollars in property damage.

Charlie Parker shrugged off that grotesque spree of violence because … wokeness. But now, in his utter political irrelevance, he tries to blame a murder by one of his fellow wokesters on … Donald Trump.

As former Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to say, everyone’s entitled to their own set of opinions, but not to their own set of facts.

Invariably, Charlie’s defamation of President Trump was just passed on with a shrug by the Boston media, minus any kind of fact-checking. National Panhandler Radio and Channel 5 re-posted the scurrilous falsehood, unchallenged.

A crack scribe from the 413 area code slobbered: “On the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, Gov. Charlie Baker mourns the loss of North Adams native William Evans.”

His Democrat stenographers with press passes will alibi that, well, he probably didn’t even see the release. It was written by one of his liegemen, desperate at the thought of now having to return to the hospitality industry where he or she was toiling for tips before getting a slot in the hackerama.

But doesn’t Charlie always tout his biz-school micro-management style? He’s a hands-on kind of CEO. Just ask that fisherman from New Bedford and his two sons, right?

How does Charlie while away the hours now that he’s a lame duck, if he doesn’t even bother to proof-read the horrible prevarications going out under his name?

Does he muse over the ever-increasing list of refunds his now-defunct campaign is handing out — on Dec. 16, $500 to Samuel Cabot of Beverly Farms, on Dec. 23, $500 to “Lawrence Lucchino 4 Yawkey Way.”

(And by the way, where are the non-negotiable demands for Charlie’s removal from office just for that triggering micro-aggression of using the word “Yawkey,” which has been decreed to be unutterable in PC precincts? Its appearance on Charlie’s OCPF filing is a … stain, to coin a phrase, on his record.)

On Nov. 29, according to his public campaign records, he paid $46,109 to the Tarrance Group in Virginia for “survey research.” Must have been quite the poll, because 48 hours later “the most popular governor in America” was pulling the plug on his doomed reelection campaign.

Now he sits in the Corner Office, fuming, studying that poll and the refund list.

Meanwhile the woman who should be the leading contender for his job, Maura Healey, dithers and wrings her hands and can’t even make a decision about whether to run, almost as if she’s … worried about something.

What’s the frequency, Maura? Is there something out there we don’t know about? Are you getting cold feet? Why?

But Maura’s indecision is none of Charlie Parker’s concern. He’s got his own problems.

His TDS hit rock bottom last week, and it’s time he began the rocky road to recovery.

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