Charlie Baker’s plunging poll numbers unmasked

Only 38% of Massachusetts Republicans approve of the job Gov. Charlie Baker is doing, only 32% of Trump voters.

Only 38% of Massachusetts Republicans approve of the job Gov. Charlie Baker is doing, only 32% of Trump voters.

And only 43% of independents. Not to mention just 29% of those under the age of 30 (down from 61% last August).

Just last week the man Dementia Joe Biden calls “Charlie Parker” gleefully shouted out “Happy Anniversary!” to his assorted hacks and coat holders on the first anniversary of his lockdown order that began the utter decimation of the Commonwealth.

But perhaps this last year of fear-mongering hasn’t been quite as gala as Charlie Parker believes it has.

“This,” he chirped, “is really in some respects, uh, a very special moment and a happy anniversary!”

Actually, not so much. Not according to these latest poll numbers from UMass and WCVB. The results from a large sample of 800 adults in the state should once and for all end the myth of Charlie Parker as “America’s most popular governor.”

Almost everyone who voted for him the first time can’t even bear to watch him on TV anymore. He’s down to his core constituency — Democrats, very old Democrats who don’t work and who don’t mind hiding under their beds and not going outside.

In retrospect, looking back over the last year, perhaps Charlie should have spent more time following the science, and less time following the science fiction, which is what he’s been relying upon.

Maybe he should have embraced Anthony Fauci’s initial dismissal of masks as a waste of time, rather than his later diktats that Americans should be forced to wear one  — no, make that two, uh actually one will do.

Perhaps a three-foot social distancing rule (Fauci’s recommendation this week) would have been less of an overreach than the old six-foot rule (Fauci’s recommendation last week).

Even worse for Baker are the internal numbers in the poll. He’s barely ahead of AG Maura “Hold It” Healey, 31-28, and 10 points up on JoJoJo Kennedy, the bust-out ex-Congressman.

Not great, but it gets worse. He’s ahead of a non-entity named Ben Downing, 31-12, but 51% of the state’s registered voters are “undecided.” Against Ben Downing, who most people even in Berkshire County, where he’s from, couldn’t pick out of a lineup.

Charlie’s not the only purveyor of panic porn whose numbers are drooping more than somewhat. You know about N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo. In California, 2 million voters have signed petitions demanding the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Then there’s N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy, Charlie’s classmate at Needham High and Harvard College back in the 1970s.

Per 100,000 population, Murphy has killed more people than either Cuomo or Baker. But he’s kinda been under the radar screen, until last weekend, when turned up a March 31 conference call from Murphy’s public health commissioner to nursing home operators.

When the commissioner told the operators that, just as in New York, they would have to accept COVID-19 patients, “the exasperation on the other end of the phone was palpable,” the outlet reported.

“ ‘Patients will die,’ an unidentified administrator declared, according to a recording of the outspoken meeting.”

Live by fake hysteria, die by fake hysteria, that’s the lesson for all of these fraud governors of both parties who’ve wrecked their states, and everybody who lives in them.

For Charlie Parker, his catastrophic mismanagement is finally catching up with him, especially his relentless campaign to I.D. every Republican and unenrolled voter in the state and personally piss off every last one of them.

Tall Deval has been on a mission to “break their will” and “turn the screws” on everyone who works for a living, as his fired $130,000-a-year undersecretary of climate change so undiplomatically admitted.

Parker was first elected in 2014 on a platform of stopping automatic gasoline tax increases. Now he dreams of jacking up that same tax, with no votes, from 24 cents to as much as 62 cents per gallon, to fight … global warming, which you may have noticed is such a problem this week in Massachusetts.

Parker is clamoring to hike the cost of a state fishing license from $22.50 to $40, as well as raising the cost of hunting licenses and permits from $47.70 to $160 a year.

The fish and game commissioner, Mark Tisa, is quoted as saying, “We recognize this has been a difficult year for everyone.”

Not quite everyone. Commissioner Tisa made $130,299.71 in 2020. Not too difficult a year.

There may not be that many hunters and fishermen left, but how many of them are Democrats? As if they weren’t irritated enough with Charlie’s demented obsession of breaking our will and turning the screws with his 38-cent-per-gallon increase in the gas tax.

Charlie Parker looks at these abysmal poll numbers and he shakes his empty head at how the mighty are fallen.

That’s the bad news. The good news is, he’s still not Andrew Cuomo.

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